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Activision shut down popular Call of Duty: Warzone stat site

SBMM Warzone has been forced to shut down after Activision issued a cease and desist over privacy concerns.
Activision shut down popular Call of Duty: Warzone stat site

Popular Call of Duty: Warzone statistics website has been shut down by Activision over privacy concerns.

On 22nd March, Activision issued a cease and desist and ordered the website to shut down by Monday 29th March, claiming SBMM Warzone infringes on Activision copyright, violates their API term of use and breaks the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

The website uses Call of Duty API to provide statistics to players like overall kills, deaths and number of wins, with additional stats locked behind a premium membership paywall. The site also gives Warzone lobbies skill-based ranks, which became popular due to the absence of a ranking system within Warzone itself.

As explained by the Belgium-based creators of the site, Activision’s main issue seems to be over privacy, with the creators now looking to become official data partners with the company to get SBMM Warzone back online. 

In a video plea released by creators Ben and Dav, the pair said: “We fully understand the privacy issue and its importance. We’re eager to find a solution that suits everyone: Activision, the Warzone players and us.

“Most of all, we certainly don’t want to let down the community which has come to rely on us for their Warzone stats tracking. As we have said all along, we would be more than happy to talk to you about the modifications required to the site to become partners."

The site has been officially shut down at the time of writing, with Activision yet to respond to the video.

GINX Esports TV has reached out to Activision for comment.