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Another 50,000 Warzone hackers banned: Group of cheaters boast 108 kills

Following another ban wave by Raven Software, hackers responded by ruining a match JGOD appeared to be playing in, dropping 108 kills in the process.
Another 50,000 Warzone hackers banned: Group of cheaters boast 108 kills
It is no secret that Call of Duty: Warzone has a hacker problem. Recently, the developers issued a stark warning to cheaters, saying "we are coming for you", effectively drawing a line in the sand. This was followed by another ban wave by Raven Software, slapping 50,000 hackers with the banhammer.

Despite the developers seemingly winning a small battle, the Warzone hackers appear to be using guerilla warfare, hitting back in a match that YouTuber and Call of Duty expert, JGOD, appears to have been playing in.

Warzone hackers drop 108 kills following ban wave

By our count, roughly 800,000 Warzone cheaters and/or hackers have been banned so far. While this is a big number, the game is free-to-play, and creating a new account simply isn't that big of a deal to those adamant about cheating.

Raven Software promises there is more to come but some fans feel as if the recent ban wave almost didn't even have an effect.

The most recent ban wave took place on 1st September, and on the morning of 2nd September, famous Call of Duty content creator JGOD took to Twitter to state: "Good thing 50,000 accounts got banned today" and attached the image below.

Warzone hackers cheaters ban wave JGOD raven software bans
108 kills and counting for the hacker team. (Picture: JGOD / Activision)

JGOD's tweet reeks of sarcasm, and who can blame him? The 50,000 ban wave clearly wasn't enough to make a dent. 

The image showcases a team of hackers boasting 108 kills. One of the hackers, Timbo, appears to have a new account called "TimboIsBack" and got more than 50 kills in the match.

The responses to JGOD's tweet showcase the community's feeling about Warzone in its current state, and how easy it is for hackers/cheaters.

Warzone hackers cheaters ban wave JGOD raven software
Fans aren't happy about the continued cheating issues. (Picture: Twitter)

Keep in mind that Warzone is getting a new anti-cheat system later this year, so the fight is far from over, despite it appearing to some that hackers are winning the war.

Verdansk and Rebirth Island is still flooded with cheaters...that much is clear. 

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