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Call of Duty
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Best MG42 gunsmith loadout for COD Vanguard

The MG42 is probably the best LMG currently available in Call of Duty: Vanguard, and we advise you to use these attachments, kit, and proficiency for the best MG42 loadout in the COD Vanguard beta.
COD Vanguard's open beta is finally here, and this time around it's not exclusive for PlayStation users, and everyone will have a chance to try it.

Although we are getting closer to the release, the beta still doesn't have a full arsenal of weapons available, and each class will come with only a few weapons.

When it comes to light machine guns (LMG), we currently have three models at our disposal: the MG42, the DP27, and the BREN.

During our initial testing in the early access beta, we have concluded that these LMGs can all be viable options, but the MG42 stands out as probably the best LMG in the current build of the game.

If you need a reliable and powerful LMG to dominate the beta, we have the best MG42 class setup for the COD Vanguard beta.

Best MG42 loadout for COD Vanguard beta

Best MG42 loadout for COD Vanguard beta attachments perks proficiency kit
The MG42 is one of the best LMGs in the COD Vanguard beta. (Picture: Activision)

Below you will find the best MG42 attachments, proficiency, and kit for COD Vanguard during the beta.

  • Muzzle: Scythe Compensator
    It will help us by reducing a percentage of the MG42's vertical recoil and thus providing us with more control, especially during prolonged gunfights, when you don't have many opportunities to stop firing.
  • Barrel: Krausnick 450MM B42MG
    The weapon struggles at range, which is one of its weaker spots. The Krausnick 450MM B42MG will significantly boost its range and bullet velocity.
  • Optic: Monocular Reflector
    To give us even more chances at longer-range encounters, we opt for the Monocular Reflector, which will provide us better vision at range, while having no negative effects.
  • Stock: Krausnick S91MG
    The Krausnick S91MG will improve our ADS time, and paired with Monocular Reflector means faster TTK at range. 
  • Underbarrel: MK6 Para
    Further reducing ADS time while also helping with sprint-to-free time, giving us an overall improvement to reaction times.
  • Rear Grip: Leather Grip
    You have probably noticed by now that we want to bring ADS time down as much as possible, and the Leather Grip help us in that regard as well.
  • Magazine: 8MM Jaeger 50 Round Fast Mags
    We choose the 50 Round mag, a 20 rounds improvement compared to the base mag.
  • Ammo Type: Subsonic
    This ammo type essentially works as a silencer, as it will conceal your location on the minimap when firing.
  • Proficiency: Tight Grip
  • Kit: Defender

And there you have it this is the best MG42 loadout for COD Vanguard beta, and probably the best LMG class setup you can get in the beta.

Best MG42 loadout for COD Vanguard beta attachments perks proficiency kit
The best MK42 class setup will drastically improve your ADS time. (Picture: Activision)

It will allow you to stay on target in prolonged gunfights while being efficient both at mid-range combat and at long range, as we have made some significant improvements in that department.

Finally, our ADS time is now almost on par with assault rifles, meaning quicker reaction times and faster TTK.


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