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Black Ops Cold War PC and Xbox beta players reporting sound issues

The first hours of the Black Ops Cold War crossplay beta aren't going well for PC and Xbox players, as there appears to be a major sound issue.
Black Ops Cold War PC and Xbox beta players reporting sound issues
PC and Xbox players are able to experience the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta for the first time today. While you can only gain access if you're a pre-order user, or if you watch Twitch drops enabled streams, this is still exciting for the community. We're finally seeing crossplay in action along with the improved graphics that PC can offer.

no sound black ops cold war xboxPlayers are reporting no sound on both PC and Xbox versions of Black Ops Cold War. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

However, the beginning of the crossplay beta hasn't gone according to plan for some players. Although this doesn't appear to be a widespread issue, some users are reporting a major sound issue with their game. At the moment, this only looks to be a problem with the PC and Xbox version of Black Ops Cold War. 

Sound issues running rampant on PC and Xbox 

Last weekend, PlayStation 4 users experienced sound issues of their own. However, this mainly pertained to problems with the sound level of some of the game's mechanics. Scorestreaks, footsteps, and weapon firing seemed a little off as compared to the Alpha of Black Ops Cold War. 

Black Ops Cold War sound problems PC, Black Ops Cold War sound xbox, no sound black ops cold war(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

While Treyarch offered a fix for that problem, the issue that PC and Xbox players are currently facing is a little more severe. According to player reports, starting up the beta on either platform has resulted in no sound whatsoever coming from the game besides voice chat. There's no music, UI sounds, or game noises at all. 

The above Reddit thread was initially posted and received several comments from other users experiencing the same problem. There's simply no game audio whatsoever and the suggested fixes only seem to work intermittently. 

However, the original poster appears to have found a solution for Xbox users. Apparently, if you unplug your Xbox's power plug and wait five minutes, the issues are resolved. Other users agreed that this solution worked for them and Black Ops Cold War game audio was restored upon plugging the Xbox back in. 

Unfortunately, there doesn't look to be a concrete fix for PC at the moment. We'll be sure to update this article with a fix if one is found, though.