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Broken Marshal weapon added to Warzone and removed 40 minutes later

The addition of the new handgun, Marshal, didn't go as planned, as it got removed from Warzone roughly 40 minutes after being added.
Broken Marshal weapon added to Warzone and removed 40 minutes later
While players are anxiously awaiting the Call of Duty: Vanguard reveal set to take place on 19th August via the in-game Warzone event entitled "Battle of Verdansk", war is being thought on multiple other fronts as well. We are, of course, talking about the [losing] battle against hackers, and disappointing updates such as the latest balance changes

Speaking of disappointing updates, the developers released the handgun/shotgun weapon, Marshal, late on 18th August for Cold War and Warzone.

Then, players noticed it was a bit broken, so the developers removed it from both games, then fixed it, added it back in, then broke it again, phew...

Here's what went down, and why the Marshal got removed from Warzone.

Broken Marshal removed in 40 minutes

The Marshal didn't live up to its potential when first added to Warzone, to say the least. With its Dragon's Breath incendiary rounds, and the ability to duel-wield, it should one-shot opponents, especially when aiming at the head.

Marshal removed warzone cold war call of duty powder keg bundle broken
The Powder Keg bundle will set you back 1,100 CP. (Picture: Activision)

The Powder Keg Bundle, which unlocks all these additions instantly for 1,100 CP, disappointed fans, to say the least. 

Using two Marshal's via duel-wield and with incendiary rounds, didn't even kill an opponent at point-blank range to the head, and only broke armour when getting shot point-blank in the chest.

Clearly, something wasn't right in Verdansk. While players were trying to unlock the Marshal via an in-game challenge, it completely got removed from the game.

Marshal removed warzone black ops cold war call of duty powder keg bundle broken
Two of these should one-shot an enemy at point-blank range, right? (Picture: Activision)

In the video from FaZe Jev below, the streamer was playing Cold War trying to unlock the Marshal. When he attempted to check his progress after a few matches, FaZe Jev realised the Marshal was removed from the game.

FaZe Jev exclaimed: "It's gone, it's completely gone! Did they just remove it? So, it became available like 40 minutes ago, and now it's gone. It literally just disappeared. I mean seriously, what the f$%k am I supposed to do!"

This was in Black Ops Cold War, and it was later revealed the Marshal was removed from Warzone as well, then added back into Cold War...

When you read this, the Marshal might already be back in the game, alongside its Powder Keg Bundle, which you can throw 1,100 CP at. 

This latest issue with a Warzone update, however, simply doesn't bode well for fans, begging the question if Battle of Verdansk revealing Call of Duty: Vanguard will be a smooth ride...or not.

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Header image credit: South Park / Activision.