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Warzone hackers can now get named and shamed with new kill feed feature

The latest step in the war against cheaters in Warzone is a kill feed feature, which shows everyone in a match when a hacker gets banned.
Warzone hackers can now get named and shamed with new kill feed feature
Everyone and their cat knows by now that Warzone has a huge hacking problem, and it is just as, if not more prevalent in Season 5. Verdansk is overrun with cheaters, despite the developer continuing to ban those who don't play fairly by the droves. It has led to questions about Warzone dying (with JGOD wishing it was so Activision can stomp out the hacking issue), and the likes of Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff, as well as TimtheTatman, temporarily quitting the game. 

While Activision has done things to improve the cheating/hacking issues in Warzone, such as shutting down the cheat provider CrazyAim, the war is far from over. In what appears to be the latest move by the developer, a new kill feed feature basically names and shames hackers.

New Warzone kill feed feature spotted

In the latest update by Raven Software, which brings balance changes and bug fixes to Verdansk, nothing was mentioned about this new kill feed feature. 

Instead, players just started noticing that a new kill feed feature for Warzone now shows the hacker's nickname and notes that they have been banned. It's an in-game name-and-shame if you will.

Warzone hackers banned kill feed feature new cheaters
The new kill feed feature in action. (Picture: CharlieIntel / Activision)

The image above via CharlieIntel showcases this new kill feed "feature" in action, while the name of the player has been blurred out.

Previously, when a Warzone hacker got banned, the kill feed would say the player has been disconnected. This, of course, can also happen if someone's power goes off mid-game, or internet issues occur.

Warzone Hackers cheaters banned new kill feed feature
You don't even need a scoped weapon to spot hackers in Warzone. (Picture: Activision)

Will this fix Warzone's hacker issues? Well, no, but it might just give pause to some hackers who want to remain anonymous. 

Naming and shaming via the kill feed could, very well, deter at least a small portion of those who plan on using cheats in Warzone.

Don't worry, you won't get accidentally banned by melting the faces of your opponents with the best and most broken guns in Warzone Season 5.

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