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Call of Duty League servers under fire from OpTic Gaming players over grenade toss

A grenade throw from TJ “TJHaly” Haly has ignited criticism over the Call of Duty League servers once again.
Call of Duty League servers under fire from OpTic Gaming players over grenade toss

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles player TJ “TJHaly” Haly has expressed his frustration at the state of Call of Duty League online play, uploading a clip highlighting the issue. 

After losing to London Royal Ravens in the Seattle Surge Home Series semi-final, TJHaly posted a clip from the deciding game of Search and Destroy showing a play where a Semtex toss caused his accidental death.

On the broadcast, caster Clint “Maven” Evans was particularly critical of what appeared to be a terrible move from TJHaly, asking if he was “hammered”. 

From TJHaly’s perspective however, it appears this was a fault with Call of Duty’s online, with TJHaly aiming the Semtex throw quite clearly above the box - only for it to disappear and stick, causing him to backtrack but fail to escape the blast. 


Uploading the clip, TJHaly wrote: “This is what we play on.”

Call of Duty commentator Landon “LandO” Sanders also uploaded the difference between the broadcast footage and TJHaly’s screen - showing a clear lag disparity between them. 


Noticing the play from TJHaly’s perspective, caster Maven wrote in response: “Ok wtf.”

This isn’t the first time players from OpTic Gaming LA expressed disdain over playing online across the weekend, with Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat criticising the CDL after losing to Minnesota ROKKR. 

“Want to know why there was a huge delay?? Because I’m being forced to play 100+ ping because their Texas server is CONVENIENTLY UNPLAYABLE,” SlasheR wrote. 

“PATHETIC. Someone needs to be held accountable.”


Teammates Dashy and Chino both had similar criticisms, with the former stating: “I miss LAN.”

These issues felt practically inevitable when the Call of Duty League switched to an online format in March, although it is still frustrating barrier for players when lagging can affect pivotal moments. 

The Call of Duty League is set to continue with the Minnesota ROKKR Home Series on 5th June.