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Call of Duty
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Black Ops Cold War leak reveals all attachments for AK-74u, XM4, LW3 Tundra, and more

A new leak brings insider information to the table, revealing the attachments for an array of fan-favourite weaponry.
Those who took part in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Alpha will know that whilst most weapons were unlocked, their attachments weren’t all available in-game. Thanks to a new leak, we now know what we missed out on.

leak attachments for Black Ops Cold War, black ops cold war leaked attachements, all attachments for weapons in Black Ops Cold War
The alpha gave PlayStation 4 players the chance to try out much of the weaponry. (Picture: Treyarch)

Reputable leaker BKTOOR has revealed exclusive in-game footage which finally gives us a look at all the attachments for a variety of guns. First up is the powerful AK-74u which many players have taken to labelling one of the best weapons in the Alpha.




It seems that when these new attachments are finally unlocked, everyone will have to revisit their favourite classes, as there are lots of additions to sort through. 

One possible favourite might be found with the 9.9” Blue Squadron barrel, which amps up the gun’s damage outfit even further, alongside muzzle velocity. With a reduced magazine size for a trade-off, this could be the boost this AK-74u needed to establish itself as Cold War’s best weapon.








Next up, BKTOOR revealed the LW3 - Tundra’s attachments, with the 28.2” Tiger Team barrel actually buffing the incredibly powerful sniper even further.

leak attachments for Black Ops Cold War, black ops cold war leaked attachements, all attachments for weapons in Black Ops Cold War
(Picture: BKTOOR)

Snipers are confirmed to already be receiving a nerf in the near future, but this barrel could keep the Tundra feeling as deadly as it did the Alpha.




After that, the leaker revealed the attachments for the popular XM4 assault rifle. Combining some of these attachments with the current best XM4 loadout is going to lead to a lot of people picking up the gun when Black Ops Cold War’s beta launches.







The Type 63 and Type 821 attachments have also been revealed so far, with more possibly on the way. BKTOOR leaked the majority of these videos on Twitter yesterday, but the newest clip dropped only an hour ago. 

We’d wager that the leaker has more information up his sleeve, and we’re certain that more attachment reveals are only part of it.