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COD Mobile: Alcatraz battle royale map to return in Season 7

The small and frantic battle royale map is one of the game's most popular and it is set for a return in mid-September.
COD Mobile: Alcatraz battle royale map to return in Season 7
Since it was first introduced into Call of Duty: mobile in October of last year, Alcatraz quickly became the most popular battle royale map in the game, edging out the standard offering due to its smaller size, offering up quicker games and more close-quarters combat

However, the map was never meant to be a permanent fixture and it has found itself in the game at various stages over the last ten months, last seen in April during Season 3.

Alcatraz season 7
Alcatraz is set to return to Call of Duty: Mobile. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Well good news for fans of the map, as the developers have confirmed that Alcatraz is set to return during Season 7 with devs giving a tentative date of "mid-September".

That means it will likely arrive in the usual mid-season update which this time around is set to add the Monastary map, Payout S&D game mode, and the LK24 - Chromatic City skin.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Alcatraz
Alcatraz wasn't included in the Season 7 roadmap but its return has been confirmed. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

Confirmation of Alcatraz's return came in the days since Season 7's release with the developers using the game's subreddit to answer questions posed by players. Asked if it was coming back, the response was quick and to the point:

"Yes! It will be available mid-September."

It may well be that the new BR mode featured in the Season 7 roadmap will be playable on Alcatraz, releasing a couple of weeks early, Solid Gold is a mode that features only legendary weapons and would fit in with Alcatraz's quick-paced nature.

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