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COD Mobile devs reveal brand new map coming with Season 10

Fans of the FPS will receive the Terminal multiplayer map in the near future, with other additions being added to the mobile title.
COD Mobile devs reveal brand new map coming with Season 10
COD Mobile is preparing a lot of new content for players that are set to be released when Season 10 kick-off in the coming weeks, one of them being a new multiplayer map, called Terminal.

In the latest community update shared via Reddit, the development team shared initial details regarding Terminal, including a couple of screenshots of the map's design and look in COD Mobile. 

COD mobile new map(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

The team has promised a better look including a video detailing all the points of interest coming soon, however, the dates remain a mystery.

On top of next's season teases, season 9 will close out with different modes that will be available right until the end. These are:

9/04 ~ Attack of the Undead (MP)

9/04 ~ 10 Men Regiment Event (MP)

  • Focused entirely on 10v10 mode and with 4 weapons up for grabs

9/04 ~ 10v10 Shipment Playlist (MP)

9/04 ~ Pistols, Sticks, and Snipers (MP Playlist)

9/04 ~ Survival Skills Event (BR)

  • Acquire a variety of cosmetic rewards for completing BR specific tasks

9/04 - 9/06 ~ BR Warfare Mode

9/04 - 9/06 ~ Double Battle Pass XP activated

COD Mobile's Season 9 brought a map as well, Shipment 1944, alongside new mechanics like the Gunsmith and updates to the BR mode, and it seems the trend of continuously updating the title won't be stopping.