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COD Mobile Season 7 Radioactive Agent skins and Battle Royale expansion overview

Get your first look at the Radioactive Agent skins and a detailed Battle Royale expansion coming in COD: Mobile Season 7.
The Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 was supposed to launch in early June, but has since been delayed. Now, the developer seems to be ramping up the hype for COD: Mobile Season 7 once again.

Here's your first look at the Radioactive Agent skins, as well as an overview of the upcoming Battle Royale expansion.


COD: Mobile Radioactive Agent skins

Activision revealed the name "Radioactive Agent" on 1st June, and now, we finally know what the skins will look like. There are, in fact, two COD: Mobile Radioactive Agent skins to look forward to.



As one might expect, the Radioactive Agent skins have gas masks. These two new skins are for Krueger and Ghost. Krueger will get a new skin called "Alchemist" at Tier 12 of the upcoming COD: Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass. 

Ghost, on the other hand, will get a "Hazmat" skin which will be available at Tier 1 of the Battle Pass. 

These skins look great, and while we still don't have an exact release date for COD: Mobile Season 7, the developer did share a new video about the Battle Royale expansion.


COD: Mobile Battle Royale expansion

The Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 update will come with a massive expansion to the ever-popular Battle Royale mode. We will see several new areas open up, as well as indoor areas.

Garena, who published COD: Mobile in Southeast Asia, shared a two-minute-long video, showing more of the new locations coming with he COD: Mobile Season 7 Battle Royale expansion.



New areas for the COD: Mobile Season 7 Battle Royale expansion include:

  • Black Market
  • Downtown
  • Frigid Wetland
  • Harbour
  • Heat
  • Sanitarium
  • Ski Town

We also know the Gulag map is coming to COD: Mobile, as well as an all-new exclusive map, called Tunisia. At the time of writing, the COD: Mobile Season 7 release date is unknown.

While you wait for the new season to get underway, check out the latest episode of our Lockdown video series.


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