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Call of Duty Project Aurora Closed Alpha - How to join and details

The Closed Alpha for the new mobile Call of Duty battle royale experience, Project Aurora, has been announced with the first details, but can you join?
Call of Duty Project Aurora Closed Alpha - How to join and details

Back in March 2022, Activision confirmed a new Call of Duty mobile game to the world, announcing it as "We are creating an all-new, AAA mobile experience that will bring the thrilling, fluid and large-scale action of Call of Duty: Warzone to players on the go". The game, which has actually not been officially named just yet according to the publisher, is codenamed Project Aurora. Now, we have the first details of Call of Duty Project Aurora's Closed Alpha.

In this article, we discuss what COD Project Aurora is, what the Closed Alpha is all about, and if players can sign up somewhere or join in the battle royale action on mobile.

COD Project Aurora Closed Alpha details

Call of Duty Project Aurora Closed Alpha COD Mobile Warzone how to join details questions FAQ
The new Call of Duty battle royale experience on mobile is, in fact, not officially named Warzone Mobile just yet. (Picture: Activision)

In the official Call of Duty Project Aurora Closed Alpha announcement, Activision first noted that they haven't revealed anything in the past just yet, despite people hearing "whispers" about the game on Reddit or speculative YouTube videos.

Project Aurora is the codename for the new Call of Duty mobile title, which aims to "bring friends, families, and people around the world together in a global community of diverse players with a fast-paced, precise, and high-quality Battle Royale action experience that delivers a fresh new way to play."

It is not officially named Warzone Mobile. The first gameplay test for Project Aurora is underway in the form of the Closed Alpha right now.

Activision explains: "The Closed Alpha is limited in size and with it we are looking to simply start to improve tuning, stress test matches, identify and fix bugs, as well as collect feedback and insights on all aspects of the game as new features come online."

We have no idea who got into the Project Aurora Closed Alpha, and importantly, participants are under NDA, which means they can't share any details.

Activision will, however, start sharing more details publically as they ramp up production, so we expect to see more details about the new mobile Call of Duty experience codenamed Project Aurora pop up.

How to join COD Project Aurora Closed Alpha & FAQ

Call of Duty Project Aurora Closed Alpha COD Mobile Warzone how to join details questions FAQ
Back in March 2022, Activision was still hiring for COD Project Aurora. (Picture: Activision)

We are just going to rip off the bandaid right now. There is no way to join the COD Project Aurora Closed Alpha test right now, and no way to sign up for a chance of getting in.

It is only available to a limited number of participants via direct invitation. The developer did note that they would be opening things up and adding more players throughout the Closed Alpha phase for Project Aurora as they achieve development milestones.

Some FAQ about COD Project Aurora was shared, which you can read below.

Q: Why a Closed Alpha and not available to all players?

"As Project Aurora is still deep in development, only a small number of participants are needed to help us achieve our goals at this stage."

Q: When will Project Aurora be available for everyone?

"Trust us, we couldn’t be more excited about bringing this exciting experience to mobile gamers around the world, but we haven't officially announced even the name yet and don’t have a release date to share at this time. We will have many updates and posts before then and we will eagerly share the release date once it is finalized."

Q: Where do I go if I need help with the Closed Alpha?

"Technical support during the Closed Alpha will be limited, but we have in-game channels for providing feedback and we’re regularly releasing patches and updates in-game to notify players of known issues, fixes, and more."

Q: Will the locations and characters in the Closed Alpha be included in the final game?

"The content in the Project Aurora Closed Alpha is not final and is subject to change. Right now, were simply assessing the game’s large-scale Battle Royale gameplay mechanics on mobile devices."

Q: Is the Closed Alpha fully optimized already?

"No, the intent of the Project Aurora Closed Alpha is to continue to optimize and refine the game by stress testing matches, improving performance and fidelity, and finding and fixing bugs while in active development."

Q: Does the Closed Alpha feature everything that will be in the game?

"Not by a long shot. It’s just a slice of what we have in store. We will let you know about all the exciting things coming your way with Project Aurora in due time."

Q: Will Closed Alpha progress roll over into the final game?

"No, all data and progression made during this Closed Alpha will be reset and is subject to deletion or reset at any-time during. Of course, once the game is finished and available globally, all progression will be saved."

So there you have it, the first details for Call of Duty Project Aurora, and if you can join the Closed Alpha test. As you can see from the FAQ above, it definitely isn't clear if the game will be called Warzone Mobile.

We will endeavour to keep our readers updated once more information about COD Project Aurora becomes available, so stay tuned!


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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