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COD Vanguard reticle challenges not working, players ask for a fix

Players have recently reported that the progression of reticle challenges is not getting tracked even if they complete the tasks.
COD Vanguard reticle challenges not working, players ask for a fix
Call of Duty: Vanguard players have reported various in-game bugs and errors after its global launch, including packet burst, connection issues and more. Recently, a new bug has been spotted in the game due to which players are not able to unlock any of the reticles.

As per the reports, players are completing the required challenges to unlock reticles in COD Vanguard; however, the progression is not being tracked at all. 

At first, some players thought that they were not doing it the right way as a Reddit user posted, "I’ve noticed that along with camo challenges not tracking correctly, that reticle challenges are not working at all. Is anyone else seeing them unlock?"

However, other players confirmed that it is a bug they are encountering too. 

vanguard reticle challenges not working fix
Players are completing reticle challenges again and again but the progression is not being tracked. (Picture: Activision/Sledgehammer Games)

"I’m not sure why but none of my reticles are unlocking. It says to “get kills while ADS”, which I’ve been doing literally all day and not a single reticle is unlocked yet. Getting kinda frustrating. Anyone else? Recommendations?" another Reddit user wrote complaining about the bug.

The issue is persisting for both the zombie and multiplayer modes, as reported.

Players have been looking for an answer.  At the time of writing, however, Activision has not responded to this issue. So, the only thing you can do now is report the bug on Activision's official support page and wait for them to fix it. 


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Featured image courtesy of Activision/Sledgehammer Games.