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COD voice actor Jeff Leach issues apology following sexism allegations

Following sexism allegations and misogynistic comments, voice actor Jeff Leach has issued an official statement, apologizing for his outbursts.
On 10th May 2021, we reported on allegations of sexism and misogynistic comments lodged against the actor, comedian and writer, Jeff Leach, who is best known by Call of Duty fans for his voice acting role of Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley in Modern Warfare. At the time, Activision cut ties with Jeff Leach following the resurfacing of sexist remarks from Jeff Leach via a Facebook Gaming stream in December 2020, and Twitch streams from back in 2017, largely against streamer ZombiUnicorn. Since then, sponsors have dropped Jeff Leach. Now, he has finally come out to make an official statement, and issue an apology for what he calls "outbursts".

Jeff Leach official statement & apology

Following the loss of his partnership with Facebook Gaming, Jeff Leach released his official statement on the sexism allegations via Twitter. 

In the statement, which you can read in full below, Jeff Leach explained how when he felt targeted or harassed he "reacted passionately" and "very occasionally lost control" with a couple of individuals in the gaming community.

Jeff Leach apologizes by stating: "My rancour towards them was not only wrong but also the antithesis of my relationship with my fan base and the inclusive message I try to promote – and for this, I am deeply sorry but also ashamed."

Jeff Leach sexism allegations apology official statement cod voice actor ghost

(Picture: Jeff Leach via TwitLonger)

Jeff Leach continued to issue an apology to individuals in question as well as business partners for his outbursts, stating: "I’m remorseful for misrepresenting my true intentions and apologize to the individuals and the business partners that I may have negatively impacted by these outbursts.

"This includes my incredible supporters, moderators who have worked so tirelessly to protect our little online community and the companies who extended opportunity and trust to me and whom I have let down."

In his statement following the sexism allegations, Jeff Leach thanked fans for the support he has received, and how "lessons have been learned". He further notes how he is working on his emotions, and how he will continue to be transparent and accountable.


Jeff Leach sexism allegations apology official statement cod voice actor ghost(Picture: Jeff Leach)

Throughout the official statement and apology from Jeff Leach, the former Call of Duty voice actor didn't mention specific names of the individuals, such as ZombiUnicorn.

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