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COD Warzone - How to find the minigun and access Bunker 11

Here's how you can find the powerful minigun in Call of Duty: Warzone and access Bunker 11.
COD Warzone - How to find the minigun and access Bunker 11
With Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4's mammoth update, and excellent Battle Pass now available, players have a lot to do and figure out. One of the things you might be wondering is how to find the Warzone minigun, and access Bunker 11.

We've got you covered, with a guide to accessing Bunker 11 and find the Warzone minigun within, as well as some other nice rewards.


How to find the Warzone minigun

You will need to access Bunker 11 to find the newly added Warzone minigun. This is easier said than done, however, as you will need to follow a few steps with your squad to get those rewards.

We are going to list the steps in order, as well as help those who don't speak Russian figure out how to access Bunker 11 to find the minigun. Check them out below.

Step one:

Get your squad together and load into Warzone's Verdansk map (preferably Plunder game mode),and start finding some phones scattered through the map. Note the locations for the "activation phones" via Reddit user StrangerRobijn.

Warzone minigun how to find access bunker 11
Warzone phone locations (Picture: StrangerRobijn)


Step two: 

Keep using phones until you hear a Russian operator speak, giving you a three-digit code, in Russian, followed by a musical tone. If you hear morse code, you are using the wrong phone.

For those who don't speak Russian, you can find the translations below:

  1. a-deen
  2. Dva 
  3. tree
  4. chye-tir-ye
  5. pyat
  6. shest
  7. Syem
  8. vo-syem
  9. dyev-yat
  10. Dyes-yat

Step three:

With the code in hand, you now have to visit the phones corresponding to the correct number, in order. For example, if your code is 145, you will first need to visit Phone 1, followed by Phone 4, and then Phone 5. 


Warzone minigun Bunker 11
Warzone phone locations with morse code and translations (Picture: StrangerRobijn)


Step four:

The game will tell you if you used the correct phones in order with a little jingle music. Now, you can access Bunker 11 and find the Warzone minigun. .Head to Bunker 11 North-West of the Military Base in Verdansk.

Proceed to loot a tonne of cash, the Warzone minigun, as well as the legendary MP7 Mud Drauber blueprint. 

if you want a more visual guide, YouTuber NoahJ456 shows you how to access Bunker 11 and find the Warzone minigun.