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Warzone LMG tier list - Every light machine gun ranked from best to worst for Pacific Season 2

All the light machine gun options (LMG) ranked as they have a debutant with the Withley coming along for Season 2 in Warzone Pacific.
Warzone LMG tier list - Every light machine gun ranked from best to worst for Pacific Season 2

The second season of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific is now live and we are ecstatic to see all the improvements in action as Season 2 promised to fix some of the lingering bugs that frustrated us through the first season.

Caldera presents us with a gigantic tropical island that included a boatload of different scenarios that varied from wide open battlegrounds to structured labyrinths ideal for close-combat experts.

If you are the kind of player that likes to test opponents from mid-distance but the assault rifles aren’t powerful enough for you maybe you could try some of the options in the light machine gun class.

They often combine more firepower than SMGs but have better capacity and more range than assault rifles which could be quite useful in the vastity of Caldera.

Warzone Pacific LMG tier list for Caldera

COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 1
Season 2 in Warzone Pacific will bring a boatload of changes to weapons, vehicles and the map as well. (Picture: Activision)

We are particularly excited to try out one of the brand new weapons that are coming with Season 2 in Warzone Pacific called Whitley.

Said to boast the highest damage per shot than any other LMG in Vanguard with a similar recoil pattern as the Cooper Carbine AR the Withley aims to be a force to be reckoned with but as of now, it is all potential until it consistently performs throughout Season 2.

With that being said, let's take a look at all 16 light machine guns in Warzone Pacific.

Description of the tiers

  • S-Tier: The best of the best. Even with mediocre attachments, these guns are powerhouses that will blast enemies into smithereens.
  • A-Tier: These weapons are incredibly powerful and may closely rival weapons in the S-Tier if paired with the right attachments.
  • B-Tier: The middle of the pack ARs for Warzone Pacific. Using the perfect loadout allows you to compete with players boasting the A-Tier weapons. These are great for specific situations or playstyles. 
  • C-Tier: These ARs shouldn't be your primary weapon and should be used circumstantially with another weapon or require adept level skill to shine.
  • D-Tier: This is labelled the "trash tier" weapons list. You should not include ARs in this tier in your loadout at all.


COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 MG42 LMG
The Bren completely outperform the expectations we had for it and became a formidable weapon in terms of firepower and range. (Picture: Activision)
  • PKM
  • MG42 (Vanguard)
  • Bren (Vanguard)

When Vanguard and Warzone began their crossover there were a few guns that blew our minds right from the get-go, like the Cooper Carbine AR or the MP-40 SMG but the Bren was definitely was not part of that group.

Fast forward to Season 2 and the Bren has claimed the top spot in its class, joining the S-tier due to its reliability, combining damage and distance that allowed it to perform at its best in mid-to-long distances.

If you like the classics you can roll with the MG42 which has been a fan favourite since the very first day of Warzone Pacific but now it is not lonely at the top of the LMG category.


COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 Whitley
The Whitley has the potential to be a meta weapon but only time will tell. (Picture: Activision)
  • Bruen MK9
  • DP27 (Vanguard)
  • Whitley (Vanguard)

We already know how good the DP27 can perform combining superb agility for an LMG with the same firepower of any other weapon within the class, yet sacrificing a little bit in terms of accuracy but…

The Whitley (Vanguard) is the newest kid on the block and judging solely by its description it has potential but it is still just a wildcard as it can either be joining the S-tier by the mid-season update or dropping a couple of tiers if doesn’t perform how it's expected.


COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 CR-56 Type11 LMG
The Type11 is one of the most agile weapons in the class while sacrificing some accuracy. (Picture: Activision)
  • SA87
  • Type 11 (Vanguard)

Compared to other classes the LMGs is a very thin group to say the least as most weapon categories are slender at the top and robust in the mid-tiers, this is one that barely has two weapons in the B-tier.

The Type 11 is particularly solid but we would not include it in our loadout although, it is a viable option if you are early in the match while trying to loot some weapons to start with.


COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 Stoner 63 LMG
The Stoner 63 once was a formidable gun but has been left behind as better options have come up. (Picture: Activision)
  • Holger-26
  • Stoner 63 (Light Machine Gun Alpha)
  • MG 82

It is weird to see the Stoner 63 so low in our rankings but it became obsolete as more weapons and updates came along which ultimately made it a heavy LMG difficult to tame because of irregular recoil patterns.

The MG 82 holds a similar grudge as it was very popular in the later seasons of Verdansk but it has been forgotten once the Vanguard guns arrived at the armoury.


COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 M91 LMG
The M91 is too heavy and unreliable to be anyone's first option of weapon. (Picture: Activision)
  • M60
  • MG34
  • FiNN LMG
  • M91

If you asked someone what is the worst weapon in Warzone Pacific most likely nobody will mention any of these weapons, not because they are better than we think they are, but because no one remembers they exist.

These weapons are not viable and should be strongly avoided. Trust us, you will be better off with any other gun on this list or even from other tier lists than these LMGs.

And that's it, we've come to the end of our light machine gun tier list for Warzone Pacific Season 2. As we continue playing the different playlists, we will make sure to adjust as needed, especially when it comes to Vanguard guns.


Feature image courtesy of Activision.

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