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Crimsix reveals Scump was set to be best man at wedding before OpTic roster rift

Crimsix was speaking on H3CZ's Eavesdrop Podcast.
Crimsix reveals Scump was set to be best man at wedding before OpTic roster rift

The drama never seems to end in the Call of Duty League. Whether it's a dispute between a player and their team or beef amongst certain rivals, the cycle keeps on churning day after day.

In the latest twist, Call of Duty world champion Ian "Crimsix" Porter has gone into great detail about his falling out with former teammate Seth "Scump" Abner

Scump Crimsix best man wedding Drama beef riftCrimsix and Scump's relationship has deteriorated since they dominated Call of Duty. (Picture: MLG)

Appearing on Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez's famed Eavesdrop Podcast, Crimsix left no stone unturned when discussing his relationship with Scump and time at OpTic Gaming.

Crimsix tells all about Scump and OpTic Gaming 

This is Crimsix's second time on the Eavesdrop Podcast with H3CZ. Since the two spent several years with OpTic Gaming, a friendly relationship is still present.

Crimsix H3cz Scump Optic Gaming beef
Crimsix spoke on his strained relationship with Scump. (Picture: Eavesdrop Podcast)

However, the same can't be said about Crimsix's former teammates Scump and Matt "FormaL" Piper. It's well-documented that the acrimony between the previous OG members runs deep and is more than just a personal grudge.

In short, Crimsix felt disrespected by his former teammates after the 2019 season ended. Crimsix claims that after OpTic was defeated by 100 Thieves at COD Champs, Scump texted FormaL to team with him again for the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League in 2020.

However, Crimsix was left out of these discussions for "months" and eventually left his former team to sign with the Dallas Empire.

That decision ultimately bore fruit, as Dallas Empire went on to win the revamped Call of Duty League, but as Crimsix has stated before, he won't ever forget what happened before.

“I just find it funny that Seth (Scump) brags about texting FormaL right after we lost because I was thinking, like, why didn’t you let me know two months earlier?" Crimsix told H3CZ.

The situation itself is fairly sad, as Crimsix even revealed that Scump was going to be the best man at his upcoming wedding before the roster drama went down. Even calling Scump his brother, it's quite clear that the current Empire player was hurt by Scump's decision to move on without him. 

While that is certainly a juicy topic in and of itself, Crimsix also talked about his recent involvement with the Toronto Ultra scandal.

Essentially, Crimsix revealed that Ultra horribly mistreated its player, Brack, and even refused to pay him his last month's salary. Toronto Ultra has denied the claims but the community isn't buying it. Crimsix explained his intentions by revealing the ugly truth, stating that the Ultra needed to be held accountable for their actions. 

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