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Crimsix tears into Toronto Ultra over mistreatment of players

Crimsix has called out Toronto Ultra over claims they mistreated substitute players during the Call of Duty League, threatening to not pay if they returned home during the pandemic.
Crimsix tears into Toronto Ultra over mistreatment of players
Ian “Crimsix” Porter has criticised Call of Duty League organisation Toronto Ultra over claims they threatened to not pay substitute players if they returned home during the pandemic. 

The Call of Duty League inaugural season might be over for this year, but the scene is arguably in its most turbulent state yet - with the format switch to 4v4 leading to a huge shake-up of rosters for next year’s season. 

Toronto Ultra released six of its ten players to become free agents, while Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan, Tobias “CleanX” Jonsson and Ben “Bance” Bance all remained on the roster. 

One of departing players is Daniel “Loony” Loza who has now joined Seattle Surge. The roster move was discussed on a Canadian esports podcast, where the hosts doubted Loony’s move would actually be beneficial to the Surge squad - discrediting his performance over the past year.

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This sparked Crimsix to post a series of tweets in Loony’s defence, while simultaneously criticising Toronto Ultra as an organisation - claiming “Ultra forced their full roster of 10 to stay in Toronto in the middle of a pandemic” and “threatened to not pay non-starters if they went home”.

Crimsix cited substitute player Carson “Brack” Newberry specifically, stating he had to “fight Ultra to return home for his grandpa’s open heart surgery”. 

In response, Brack confirmed he hasn’t received a months salary because he visited his grandpa - and now will have to go through the Call of Duty Challengers league next season after not being given enough opportunities on the team. 


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Crimsix also claims Toronto Ultra are “wanting a 50/50 prize split” from next year’s roster. “If the prize split goes up, so must the salary,” Crimsix added. “This is the exact opposite of what they’re doing. One of the most anti-player organisations I’ve seen.”

GINX Esports TV has reached out to Toronto Ultra for comment. 

Many CDL rosters have yet to announce their starting line-ups for next year, which will also see a platform switch from consoles to PC.