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Warzone - Fortune's Keep Cursed Chest And Golden Plunder Explained

Here's everything about Cursed Chests in Fortune's Keep and Golden Plunder LTM ahead of the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update.
Warzone - Fortune's Keep Cursed Chest And Golden Plunder Explained

Before Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 Reloaded officially drops on 27th July 2022, there are some new surprises that players can look forward to on the new Fortune's Keep map. Cursed Chests will be littered across the map, and the Golden Plunder limited-time mode will return on 21st July 2022.

These additions sound like a great way to kill some time before the next update goes live, but they serve entirely different purposes. One is a precursor to the major Zombie event that will take place in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, while the other is the return of an LTM based on Mercenaries of Fortune.

Warzone Cursed Chests - What Are They?

Cursed Chests locations warzone where to find season 4 reloaded
You can find Cursed Chests scattered around the Warzone Fortune's Keep map. (Picture: Activision)

As mentioned earlier, most of the content revealed in the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update won't be available until 27th July 2022. However, that doesn't include Cursed Chests, which are available right now for anyone that logs into the game. Although, these new loot opportunities will only be available in certain scenarios.

As a precursor to the Rebirth of the Dead event next week, Cursed Chests are hidden around the Fortune's Keep map. The area is now considered cursed ground, changing the dynamic of the fast-paced arena. You'll have to search to find them and fight to keep what you get.

Whenever you open up a chest, you will summon a hungry horde of zombies, which you'll need to take down. Zombies will continue to spawn all over the vicinity, and you must take them down quickly to survive. Killing the hordes will reward you with Wisps. You'll need to collect them, and once you have enough Wisps (assuming there's still time left), the horde will go away. Afterward, you'll gain access to the Cursed Chest.

You can expect some high-quality rewards, including stacks of Cash, Power-Ups, Perks, Killstreaks, and equipment. These rewards will certainly make killing all those zombies worth the effort. Of course, what you get is always up to random chance, but they will be powerful.

Warzone Golden Plunder Explained - What Is It?

call of duty warzone golden plunder explained what is it
Rebirth of the Dead will appear in Warzone next week. (Picture: Activision)

Another precursor to Season 4 Reloaded is the return of the Golden Plunder LTM. This mode originally debuted when Season 4 went live with Fortune's Keep, and it's all about making as much money as possible. Indeed, this is, in many ways, the same as regular Plunder.

The only difference is that Golden Plunder has more players, a $5 million requirement for victory, and more Cash is dropped upon death. ATMs and bunkers are also a major part of the model, allowing for a ton of loot. It truly brings out the mercenary theme of Warzone Season 4.

And that's all. For more game content, check out our section dedicated to Call of Duty guides, tips, tier lists, loadouts, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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