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Does COD Vanguard support cross-platform play?

Does Call of Duty Vanguard allow console and PC players to turn the tide in an epic war through cross-platform play? We find out.
Does COD Vanguard support cross-platform play?
With Call of Duty: Vanguard live and available to players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, players have spent hours jumping into the game’s multiplayer modes. Nevertheless, players have wondered if Sledgehammer Games had made it possible for players on different platforms to play together through cross-platform or crossplay support.

So, can everyone play together regardless of which platform they’re playing on? We explore whether COD Vanguard comes with crossplay support and what this means for PC and console players.

COD Vanguard crossplay support

To keep it short and sweet, the answer is yes. According to the game's support page, crossplay support is available for Vanguard, meaning players on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and 5 players can assemble in combat or lock horns on the battlefield.

call of duty vanguard cross-platform play crossplay support message
Players should be happy to know that Call of Duty: Vanguard supports crossplay. (Picture: Twitter / RealThunder402)

However, if players wish not to play with or against or join a lobby with heroes from other platforms, they have the option to disable a few settings to disable matchmaking with other platform players. This can be done within the game’s Multiplayer menu of COD Vanguard.

call of duty vanguard cod multiplayer cross-platform play crossplay support settings
To enable or disable Crossplay, you will need to locate the settings under the game's multiplayer menu. (Picture: Twitter / DefaultHunter)

Head to the Multiplayer menu and look for the Settings option. Look for the ‘Account and Network’ setting, and under the Online category, players can find the Crossplay option. Here, players can enable or disable the feature, but players will need to restart the game for the setting to take effect.


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Featured image courtesy of Sledgehammer Games.