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DrDisrespect responds to Captain Price's call to duty in the perfect way

Herschel "DrDisrespect" Beahm IV has made an awesome response to Captain Price.
DrDisrespect responds to Captain Price's call to duty in the perfect way

Captain Price’s voice actor sent a few personal messages to popular Call of Duty streamers. This is to promote Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare season 4, where the iconic character will become the newest operator.

While streamers such as Timthetatman and Nadeshot have reacted, DrDisrespect actually responded to Captain Price.


DrDisrespect responds to the call

DrDisrespect took things a step further, directly responding to Captain Price's recruitment message to join his Task Force 141.

The message from Captain Price to DrDisrespect praised him for his sniping skills: "I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but even I can admit, some of these shots that you’re making - you may just be the best sniper operator that I know.”

DrDisrespect played along, responding to the call...of duty (sorry).



DrDisrespect's response is fantastic, and by far the best we've seen. Instead of just reacting, he played along. There's some great roleplaying involved as DrDisrespect acts a bit like a crazed sniper who've seen one too many kills. 

He then goes on to play hard-to-get, telling Captain Price it would cost him, and he would have to jump through some hoops: "first, you’re going to have to go through my agent.

"And then, once you get through my agent, you call my lawyer and my marketing team and legal team. And then we’ll discuss payment."

DrDisrespect clearly delivered the perfect response to Captain Price. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 begins on 3rd June. 

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