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DrDisrespect on stream sniping at Hitch's Cracked Creators Warzone tournament

Alleged stream snipers ruined DrDisrespect's run at Hitch's Cracked Creators Warzone event as the two-time speaks out.
On 21st October, FaZe Dirty and BobbyPoff walked away with ,000 for charity as the winners of the Cracked Creators k Warzone event from Davis "Hitch" Edwards, hosted by BoomTV. The event was a whole lot of fun to watch but DrDisrespect, who also competed in the Warzone tournament, apparently became the victim of stream snipers.

DrDisrespect on stream snipers

Hitch’s Cracked Creators k Warzone was a unique event which saw popular streamers pick a pro player to join them in the Duos competition, all for a good cause. 

DrDisrespect ended up choosing ZLaner as his partner. However, after the first game, DrDisrespect and his partner got cut down by alleged stream snipers, getting killed out of nowhere. 

DrDisrespect stream snipers cracked creators warzone
(Picture: DrDisrespect)

DrDisrespect said "It’s phoney desperation everywhere", followed by declaring he will never play a Warzone tournament without a stream delay, ever.

Things didn't get better for DrDisrespect and ZLaner during the tournament, as they failed to win one round, and ended at the bottom of the leaderboard.

DrDisrespect also had some insults to throw at the alleged stream snipers from the tournament on Twitter.

DrDisrespect didn't mention the stream snipers by name.

You can watch the entire stream from DrDisrespect where he allegedly ran into stream snipers at Hitch's Cracked Creators $10K Warzone event below. DrDisrespect and ZLaner talk about stream snipers at 3:07.