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Call of Duty
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Duos has finally made it into Warzone

The much-requested game mode is finally available to play alongside Solos, Trios, Quads and Plunder Quads...
Players have been asking for it for as long as the game has been out, and finally, their prayers have been answered. Call of Duty: Warzone, everyone's favourite non-building BR has finally added Duos to the playlists and it is currently available now!



Previously players have been restricted to trios or quads when they wanted to play with friends, but what for those that have only friend (like me)? Now we no longer need to duo queue with a dude from Ukraine (I mean they're crack shots but communication is lacking).

Alongside Duos there is also the re-introduction of Trios and Quads, as well as Quads for the money-grabbing Plunder mode.

Solos have also been activated, so no matter what numbers you got you can get a game of Warzone the way you want it.


Call of Duty Warzone Duos
(Picture: Infinity Ward)


This comes just before the release of the Season 4 Battle Pass next week, and may well be to get those that haven't picked up the game back in before the content drop which is expected to bring new maps, Operators and weapons to the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes.