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How to unlock the Welgun in COD Warzone Pacific

Here's how you can unlock the Welgun in Warzone Pacific and COD Vanguard Season 1, a brand-new SMG.
How to unlock the Welgun in COD Warzone Pacific

The Call of Duty franchise is in the midst of one of the biggest crossovers of its history as Activision merges two of their biggest branches with Vanguard and Warzone, creating Warzone Pacific that will introduce a brand new map for the players of the latter: Caldera.

The first season of Warzone Pacific will be available first for Vanguard owners and there is a lot of rewards and surprises coming our way that we will be able to enjoy.

As we already covered other weapons now it’s the turn of what we think will be a very versatile submachine gun that can give you a nice combination of firepower and mobility for your Warzone matches. 

The Welgun SMG in COD Warzone Pacific

COD Warzone Pacific Welgun InGame
If you are a shoot-and-run type of player a light and quick SMG like the Welgun could be a nice addition to your arsenal. (Picture: Activision)

The Welgun is one of the weapons that will be available to unlock throughout Season 1 of Warzone Pacific but we have yet to get details of what you will need to do in challenges to be able to include it in your arsenal.

What we do know is that even though the Welgun looks like a shortened LMG it aims to have amazing recoil control and accuracy thanks to its multiple in-built handles which matches well with the traditional improved fire rate of SMGs to create a very balanced gun.

On its base form, it should be a great option for beginners and veterans as it offers that additional control compared to other SMGs that allows you to get the hang of the recoil patterns way quicker than other weapons like assault rifles or LMGs.

COD Warzone Pacific Sawtooth Battle Pass
There are bundles announced for the Welgun but we will need to wait for later in those versions of the gun. (Picture: Activision)

We were expecting the gun to be part of the first Pro Pack of the season but it is not the case, although it has been confirmed by Activision through their season introduction that there will be bundles including that gun in the future.

Whether you unlock it through challenges or by buying a bundle later in the season, the Welgun seems like a great option for those players who can take advantage of quicker aim sights and above-average fire rates while taking down opponents in the tropical terrains of Caldera.


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Feature image courtesy of Activision.