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Kyler Murray Plays Worse During COD Double XP Weekends

Rumors of Kyler Murray's extensive COD-playing are gaining traction as a fan recently found the QB plays worse on the field during COD Double XP weekends.
Kyler Murray Plays Worse During COD Double XP Weekends

Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray has been a hot news topic in recent weeks after the NFL superstar inked a 5-year $230 million contract extension in late July 2022. If the total dollar amount of the deal wasn't enough to create a buzz, a deeper dive revealed a certain stipulation that raised questions about the young QB's study habits. It's well known that Murray is an avid gamer, the 24-year-old joined FaZe Clan in April of 2021 after successfully running his own Twitch streams.

Rumors have previously circulated that the QB's gaming habits have been detrimental to his football career. Stories, as well as some interesting quotes from Murray himself, suggest that perhaps he doesn't spend as much time studying game film as he should. Those speculations were further emboldened when a Reddit user recently formulated a statistics split that breaks down Kyler Murray's on-field performance during COD Double XP Weekends. Here's everything you need to know about the fascinating development.

Kyler Murray NFL Stats During COD Double XP Weekends

FaZe Clan Sports Illustrated cover
Kyler Murray joined the FaZe Clan organization in April of 2021. (Picture: Sports Illustrated)

After it was revealed that the Cardinal QB's newly signed contract extension included an addendum that required Murray to "Complete at least (4) Four hours of independent study during game weeks" many fans began to connect the dots to his well-known Call of Duty exploits.

The narrative which quickly took shape was that Murray spends copious amounts of time playing COD, which has affected his performance on the field as the Cardinal's Quarterback. Just recently, a certain Reddit user u/NegativeBee posted a statistics split comparing Murray's NFL statistics during COD Double XP weekends, to his normal NFL stats. The results raise an eyebrow, to say the least.

The numbers don't lie as it's safe to say that Kyler Murray is a noticeably better Quarterback in games that do not fall on a COD Double XP weekend. An 8% drop-off in average Passer Rating, as well as a 16.9% decrease in Win Percentage, are striking numbers, and certainly won't make Cardinals fans feel comfortable.

However, it's not completely fair to simply state that COD Double XP is the reason for his decrease in production. For starters, a large number of those games will have come when the Cardinals are the Away team. Most NFL teams leave for away games on Fridays, meaning Kyler would not have been home from Friday-Sunday of those particular Double XP weekends. Though it's a fun thought from NegativeBee that Kyler is less focused on the field because he's busy grinding for character skins in COD.

Kyler Murray FaZe Clan member
Kyler Murray will have increased pressure on his shoulders when the Cardinals open their 2022-23 campaign at home against the Kansas City Chiefs. (Picture: FaZe Clan)

This will certainly be an interesting storyline to watch develop, and it's safe to say that COD players and Cardinals fans alike will be watching the schedule closely to see just when those upcoming Double XP weekends might fall.

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Featured image courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

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