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LA Thieves' Huke to miss out on Stage 4 start after invalid COVID test

Another strange situation with Huke arises.
LA Thieves' Huke to miss out on Stage 4 start after invalid COVID test
Cuyler “Huke” Garland has found himself in yet another dilemma. The LA Thieves recently promoted Huke to play during the Call of Duty League Stage 4 Major, but he won’t be on the day one starting roster.

Initially, it was believed that Huke missed a COVID-19 test at the venue, which is required for all in attendance. The Stage 4 Major is the first LAN event in the CDL since last year but the league is still taking precautions against the virus. 

There was confusion on Huke’s side in regards to this test and this left him ineligible to play the LA Thieves’ first match against the LA Guerrillas. 

Huke misses first Major match due to missed COVID test 

huke covid test(Picture: CDL)

The details surrounding the situation are a bit murky. We know that Huke missed his COVID-test before the Thieves’ first match. According to Matt “Nadeshot” Haag, Huke misspelled his name on his form the night prior. This led to that test being invalid from the start. 

From here, Huke needed to take another test before the LA Thieves’ match against the Guerrillas on Friday. However, according to sources from within the venue, Huke showed up an hour late to when the test was supposed to begin. He then apparently forgot his ID that’s required to take the test. All of this paired together seemingly forced Huke to sub out of the starting roster. 

This forced former starter Zack “Drazah” Jordan into the roster for LA. He was on standby in Texas where the Major is being held for such an occasion. 

Whether Huke can play or not, the Thieves have a huge mountain to climb at the Major. They’re in the loser’s bracket and must win several matches to reach the grand finals.