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Modern Warfare 2 New Modes - Prisoner Rescue, Knockout

Here's everything you need to know about the new modes announced for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 called Knockout and Prisoner Rescue.
Modern Warfare 2 New Modes - Prisoner Rescue, Knockout
With Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 releasing later this year, players are eager to see what new features the game will be bringing to the table. Thankfully, it's been announced that Modern Warfare 2 will feature two new multiplayer modes called Knockout and Prisoner Rescue. 

If you're curious to know more about these newly added modes, then look no further. In this guide, we will explain how each of the new modes available in Modern Warfare 2 will work once the game is released. 

Knockout Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Knockout can be considered a combination of regular multiplayer, and the returning mode featured in Modern Warfare 2019 called Gunfight. The combination of these two modes results in a unique gameplay experience that can be had in Knockout mode.

Modern Warfare 2 new modes Prisoner Rescue and Knockout Knockout mode is a 6v6 survival match
Modern Warfare 2's Knockout mode is a blend between Multiplayer and Gunfight. (Picture: Activision)

Knockout mode will see players in a 6v6 match, where each player has one life, and you can revive your teammates. The goal is to eliminate the opposing team to end the match as you fight for control over a package, whichever team is holding the package at the end of the match will be declared victorious.

Prisoner Rescue Mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

For the CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) or Rainbow Six Siege players among us, this mode will immediately ring some bells for you as the mode involves two teams, the attackers and the defenders. The attackers are tasked with rescuing hostages and escorting them out of the building they are in, and the Defenders are tasked with protecting them from the insurgents coming for them. 

Modern Warfare 2 new modes Prisoner Rescue and Knockout Prisoner Rescue mode
Modern Warfare 2's Prisoner Rescue mode has you either rescuing hostages or defending them from the opposing team. (Picture: Activision)

Each team is comprised of 6 players, and each member has one life each, with the ability to be revived and revive others. The round ends when either of the teams is eliminated, or any team succeeds in their task of rescuing or defending, making it similar to the Search and Destroy mode where the objective is either to complete a task or wipe out the opposing force. 

This mode will also emphasize breaching and clearing doors, breaking through walls and tactically moving through rooms to search for prisoners or defend them. We aren't exactly sure how long each round will last just yet or how the overtime mechanics will play out for this mode, but it is still a breath of fresh air and a fully welcomed addition to the Call of Duty mode lineup for Modern Warfare 2. 

Modern Warfare 2 new modes Prisoner Rescue and Knockout try out in upcoming open beta
Modern Warfare 2's upcoming open beta will give players a sneak peak into the new multiplayer mode, so be ready for it. (Picture: Activision)

Thankfully players won't need to wait too long for their first look at the game. The Modern Warfare 2 open beta has been announced and will release well before the game drops in October. 

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.