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New Call of Duty 2020 teaser to be revealed on Friday after fans crack cryptic codes

The Call of Duty community has cracked the code loaded in the mysterious crates, leading to a teaser website with a timer set for Friday.
New Call of Duty 2020 teaser to be revealed on Friday after fans crack cryptic codes
After what seemed like an overly complex string of cryptic clues for the next Call of Duty title, the community has managed to crack the case within six hours. 

A number of streamers and media outlets received Call of Duty crates which were opened on Monday 10th August, only to find a bunch of cryptic clues involving projector slides with specific numbers and locations. 

YouTuber NoahJ456 largely led the investigation into what it all means in a livestream, which involved players revisiting original Black Ops map Summit to find Activision had updated the map with specific TV screen clues. 

These images were then lined up with the images on the projector slides to spell ‘turn eleven white’. Other slides then matched up with walls within the Summit map, which corresponded with four cities on the slides; London, Paris, Moscow and New York. 

These gave out a code which read “Bish, You Were Here” in reference to a chess game played during the Cold War in 1972, where US player Robert James Fischer triumphed over Russian player Boris Spassky.

The “turn eleven white” therefore refers to a specific move used within this chess game, which later led for players to discover teaser website

On this website, a blank TV screen is shown with 8-14 and 12:00 shown on a clock in the bottom right corner, indicating the next announcement will arrive on Friday 14th August at 12pm. 

Call of Duty teaser
Here's what your met with on the teaser site 

While you might be hoping this is where the hunt ends, NoahJ got confirmation from Activision that this is only the beginning - with the announcement on Friday set to be more teasers for what’s to come. 

“What we solved today was just the FIRST step of the Call of Duty 2020 reveal,” NoahJ wrote on Twitter. “What comes out on Friday at 12 EST is just the next part.”

While it’s an admirably complex marketing strategy, it does feel extremely unnecessary for what’s going to (presumably) amount to a trailer for a new Call of Duty. 

The next Call of Duty title is rumoured to be called Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, with previous teasers also featuring codename Red Door.

We’ll have to see when the next hunt begins on Friday 10th August at 12pm EST/6pm BST.