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Call of Duty 2020 crates contain cryptic projector slides, reveals possible return of Black Ops map

While many expected a simple reveal of the next Call of Duty title, it seems crates sent to influencers and media are going to make us work for Activision’s next instalment.
Call of Duty 2020 crates contain cryptic projector slides, reveals possible return of Black Ops map

Fans have figured out the cryptic codes and Summit teases which have revealed a teaser website titled

The teaser site shows a blank TV screen with a clock timer flashing 12:00 and 8-14, indicating more information will arrive on Friday 14th August at midnight. 


Original story: 

Despite leaks suggesting the next Call of Duty entry will be centred around the Cold War, it seems Activision isn’t simply happy to confirm its existence. 

Instead, a number of influencers and media received special Call of Duty crates which could only be opened on 10th August - with all signs pointing towards confirmation of the next title. 

The crates however contained a far more elaborate task, as streamers struggled their way through setting up different 1950s projectors to broadcast a sequence of 10 slides to their followers. 


The slides themselves show numerous cryptic codes, all of which were labelled with other numbers to seemingly decode. 

There is also a manifest document released with some words blacked out, which you can check out below. 

Every crate however seemed to contain a slide of the map Summit, which featured in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and Black Ops 4. 

Interestingly, streamers received slides of different locations marked with numbers - with a slide marked 1 showing London, UK, a slide marked 2 showing Paris, France, a slide marked 3 showing New York, USA, while one marked 4 seems to highlight Moscow, Russia. 

It’s unclear whether these could point to multiplayer maps, locations for campaign missions or something else entirely. 

As spotted by Twitter user @BenMcCarthy935, these numbers are also scattered across the Summit map - although exactly what that means remains a mystery. 

Interestingly, if you check the Summit map in Black Ops 4, an update recently changed the screens on the map to reflect the slides - indicating this map in particular will have special significance for the next title. 

Fans have now overlapped slides too which seems to spell out “TREY” - possibly alluding to developer Treyarch who is creating the next title with Raven Software.

We will update this page if/when the codes are deciphered. If the crates are simply to highlight the return of Summit, however, it seems like an awfully elaborate way to reveal something very unexciting. 

While an official announcement is expected this week, Activision is certainly cutting it fine when it comes to unveiling the next Call of Duty title - with its annual release schedule usually placing it for a November release. 

The next Call of Duty is believed to be titled Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, with numerous leaks also pointing to a code name of The Red Door.