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Play COD Vanguard for free - Start and end dates, content and more

The start and end dates, as well as the content available for the COD Vanguard free access period explained.
Play COD Vanguard for free - Start and end dates, content and more

Call of Duty: Vanguard has had some mixed reception. Despite this, the game is in its second official season, with Season 3 expected to release at the end of April 2022. With some new maps being released recently, as well as a new objective-based game mode, it's time for a COD Vanguard free access period to begin. 

Here's what you need to know about the COD Vanguard free access period, including the start and end dates, the playlist and the content players who haven't purchased the game will be able to experience.

Play COD Vanguard for free - Start & end dates

COD Vanguard free access period start end dates content maps platforms multiplayer
Experience a piece of COD Vanguard multiplayer for free starting 30th March 2022. (Picture: Activision)

In a recent blog post, Activision revealed a two-week COD Vanguard free access period, open to all platforms for players to experience.

The start date of the COD Vanguard free access period is 30th March 2022, with an exact time yet to be confirmed. Gamers on all platforms will be able to play COD Vanguard's multiplayer for free until 13th April 2022.

There are some limitations, however, as there's only specific content available for this free access period.

COD Vanguard free access period content & playlist

COD Vanguard free access period start end dates content maps platforms multiplayer
Shipment is part of the free Chaos playlist in COD Vanguard. (Picture: Activision)

Gamers on all platforms will be able to experience new content added with the recent Season 2 Reloaded update. The content featured include "selected" new and popular COD Vanguard maps and modes, giving players "a taste of the full-depth experience". 

So what exactly does this mean? Well, players can jump into the two latest maps, namely Casablanca and Gondola.

  • Casablanca: A shining jewel of Morocco, Casablanca is a medium-sized, three-lane-style map within a bustling marketplace. With several buildings to explore and climb upon, expect a variety of vertical engagements that invite both close- and long-range tactics.
  • Gondola: Don’t look down on this medium-sized, three-lane-style map. Take a trip on the Gondola to travel above a large gulch and fire watchtower, but hop off before it goes off the cliff! Operators can also take advantage of the long sightline this gondola route provides, or head through the power plant and caves for more close-quarters battle.

Those in the COD Vanguard free access period can also jump into the new large-map objective mode set in the Alps featuring new vehicles. The objective here is to capture all the bases to win. 

COD Vanguard free access period start end dates content maps platforms multiplayer
Experience the latest COD Vanguard game mode. (Picture: Activision)

Activision explains what this new mode is all about: "Once a base is captured, Operators can choose to respawn at that base or at any other captured points on the map, in addition to spawning in on their fellow squad member. Bases automatically set up gates for the defending team within, allowing safe passage for allies and shutting itself when enemies are nearby.

"Every friendly base contains several Buy Stations for additional armaments and abilities, including vehicles to help you traverse the map more quickly. Here, you can use Cash earned by capturing objectives or picking it up from enemy players to purchase weapons, equipment, Killstreaks, and Field Upgrades, or you can even use your Custom Loadouts."

Lastly, there's a free access playlist for COD Vanguard. This diverse multiplayer playlist features some of COD Vanguard's most-popular maps, such as Shipment and Das Haus. This playlist is aptly called "Chaos" and is perfect for those who love to experience non-stop action on these small maps.

Learn more about some of the content via the official COD Vanguard Season 2 Reloaded trailer.

No, you can't play the story campaign or zombies with the free access period, just in case it wasn't clear.

Enjoy all the content and the unique playlist featured during COD Vanguard's free access period. There's a lot of time to enjoy the experience, and remember, progress will carry over if you purchase the game.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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