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New Split Circle Working Explained - CoD Warzone 2

Dominate the new battle royal in Call of Duty Warzone 2 with our guide explaining how the new split circle system will work.
New Split Circle Working Explained - CoD Warzone 2

With the upcoming arrival of Call of Duty Warzone 2, there will be plenty of brand-new features that fans can look forward to. From a brand new Gulag 2.0 system to a new split circle system that promises to shake up the way players take on the all-new multiplayer experience.

So if you're ready to drop into Warzone 2 and want to know more about how this mechanic has changed before doing so, then you're in the right place. Below you can find a comprehensive explanation of how the new split circle system will work in Warzone 2, and all the small details you need to know to make the best plays you can. 

New Split Circle Working Explained - CoD Warzone 2

As announced at the COD Next event, the classic shrinking circle that players are used to in every game of Warzone's battle royale will be receiving a massive change. Now it will see a single, massive safe zone which will then be split into four zones across the map as time goes on. 

New Split Circle Working Explained CoD Warzone 2 how it works
The new Split Circle in Warzone 2 will stat as one, then split off into multiple battle zones and finally converge back into one for a final showdown. (Picture: Activision)

Once these zones are defined, the gas will begin to split the map apart, forcing each player to make critical decisions about which zone will provide the best chance of survival and victory.

Those individual zones will also get smaller over time, forcing all of the remaining squads into “micro battles” to wrestle temporary control over the zone they have chosen to defend.

As the match progresses, all of the individual zones will gradually merge into one small zone for the final battle between the surviving groups. This will give players a chance to stock up on supplies for the final gunfights of a match as the circles move closer together.

However, the terrain must be a major consideration because it is easy to become trapped behind buildings and mountains as you traverse the massive Al Mazrah's dips and dives.

New Split Circle Working Explained CoD Warzone 2 new challenge and deeper gameplay
The new Split Circle system will provide a deeper and more challenging gameplay experience to all players. (Picture: Activision)

All in all, this is a novel approach to adding more diverse layers to the game mode, creating new opportunities and moments that should pique the interest of anyone who has grown accustomed to the standard Warzone experience.

And needless to say, we're excited to see what exciting and intense gunfights will be the result of this new split circle system. 

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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