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How To Unlock MP5 Lachmann In Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Dominate the opposition with our guide on how to unlock the MP5 Lachmann in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta.
How To Unlock MP5 Lachmann In Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta is finally here, with a ton of new exciting content for players to digest. This includes a brand-new new Gunsmith system, and though it's a fresh take on how weapons work in the game, it can be a headache to figure out.

A great example is how to unlock the MP5 Lachmann. Although the weapon may not seem unlockable at first, this weapon can be yours using a simple workaround in the new weapons system. Here's how to get the MP5 Lachmann in Modern Warfare 2 Beta. 

How To Unlock MP5 Lachmann In Modern Warfare 2

We should first note that the MP5 you will unlock in Modern Warfare 2 Beta is actually an MP5 clone of the Lachmann 556, and using it comes with some hiccups that we'll discuss later. For now, the first step in unlocking this bad boy is to reach Level 4 to acquire the Custom Loadout feature.

Once done, you only need to follow the steps outlined below to unlock the Lachmann 556 in Modern Warfare 2 Beta: 

  • Create a Loadout without Overkill equipped

  • Equip the Expedite 12 as your primary weapon

  • Change your Perk package to one with Overkill

  • Check that the Lachmann 556 has appeared in your loadout as your secondary weapon

  • Level up your Lachmann and use Gunsmith to turn it into the MP5. 

How To Unlock MP5 Lachmann In Modern Warfare 2 Beta taking it into battle after following steps
After following the above steps, you'll unlock the MP5/Lachmann to take into battle. (Picture: Activision)

If the weapon appears correctly, you're free to hit the streets of Multiplayer and begin leveling it up like any other weapon. While you'll have to use it in its basic form for a while in Modern Warfare 2, the SMG version will become available at Weapon Level 13.

The only drawback to this method is that the MP5 Lachmann must always be the secondary for your loadout, or your progress will be reset, and you'll have to start over. This is a small drawback but worth considering the weapon's advantages. 

How To Unlock MP5 Lachmann In Modern Warfare 2 Beta
The MP5 Lachmann is considered one of the top weapons in Modern Warfare 2 Beta. (Picture: Activision)

The MP5 Lachmann is currently a favorite among the top players in the Modern Warfare 2 Beta, and even though it's an MP5 clone, there's no doubt about its capability in battle among the other weapons in the game.

So give this weapon a try if you want to start dominating the opposition and taking over lobbies as the top player.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.