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Warzone 2's Al Mazrah Is The Biggest COD Map - All Main Locations

Activision has officially revealed Warzone 2's map, "Al Mazrah." Here are all the locations players can visit in the map.
Warzone 2's Al Mazrah Is The Biggest COD Map - All Main Locations

Warzone 2’s official map is called Al Mazrah, a battleground within the Republic of Adal. The newest map features eighteen massive locations comprising rural towns with little to no modern advancement and metropolitan areas crafted at the height of human ingenuity.

This guide details all the places players can visit and drop into while playing Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 Al Mazrah - All Its Major Locations

warzone 2 al mazrah
This is Warzone 2's Al Mazrah map.

Al Mazrah is located in the Republic of Adal, Western Asia, and makes the country’s capital city. No other place in the world has abundant natural resources on a coast that sees incredible international trade. And that is what makes it a battleground for foreign powers at the cost of the local population and degradation of abodes.


warzone 2 oasis
This is Warzone 2's Oasis POI.

The oasis serves as a location with several pools of fresh water and palm trees, offering creatures a place of respite. It was once a much more lusciously-filled place until foreign power and natural courses slowly corrupted the oasis.

Taraq Village

A much smaller village than most, Taraq was once used United Offensive which caused the place to be reduced to dust and rubble. Although Taraq Village is small, it is an ideal POI for small combat fights and duels.

Rohan Oil

A place where abundant natural resources, such as oil, are extracted. Rohan Oil refinery is one of the largest employers in the country.

Quarry (Al Safwa Quarry)

warzone 2 quarry
This is Warzone 2's Quarry POI.

Another refinery of the Republic of Adal’s many resources comes the Al Safwa Quarry, a limestone quarry. There are dozens of warehouses across this industrial POI, offering a place to scour for equipment or gaze at the many chiseled limestone blocks.

Hydroelectric (Zarqwa Hydroelectric)

The Zarqwa Hydroeletric is a power plant supplying a renewable energy source using the landscape of historical landmarks, modern buildings, and mid-century living arrangements.

Al Mazrah City

Due to the city’s rise in popularity for its resources, Al Mazrah City has grown too. The city is filled with high rises and modernized buildings. It was supposedly an ideal city for its citizens, but millions of people were sent away to the slums of al Mazrah’s outskirts once built.

Marshlands (Mawizeh Marshlands)

warzone 2 marshlands
This is Warzone 2's Marshlands POI.

The Mawizeh Marshlands was once home to a luxurious resort in the 20th century, but due to rising waters, it has been flooded. Because of this, the Marshlands now serves as a home to aquatic wildlife, or at the very least, vines climbing the now-forgotten buildings.

Caves (Sattiq Caves)

A deep network of underground hideouts lies in plain sight of a small village. These Sattiq Caves provide a place to rummage through these hideouts for protection or to seek out enemies in your matches.

Observatory (Zaya Observatory)

The Zaya Observatory mounts the tallest mountain in the city and serves as a place for officials to chart the stars, and conduct research.

Al Sharim Pass

warzone 2 al sharim pass
This is Warzone 2's Al Sharim Pass POI.

This old monastery and mausoleum overlook a modern village and zoo. The tallest hill contains several modernized buildings over the rest of the area, partially destroyed due to the elements and the war that hit Al Mazrah.

Ahkdar Village

Ahkdar Village is a world heritage site that consists of a central courtyard, and market areas define the western half, while more modern apartments make up the east. It seems like another great POI to drop into for loot and duel across its central courtyard.

Sa’id City

As an extensive modern mall juxtaposed by old apartments that housed generations of port workers, Sa’id City also contains a medieval-themed carnival and a minor league footbal stadium.

Port (Hafid Port)

warzone 2 port
This is Warzone 2's Port POI.

The Hafid Port is the economic gemstone of Al Mazrah, ending the Rohan Oil refinery pipeline out to the greater seas. Players can find several large warehouse structures inland, while the port itself has little containers to traverse or move around.

Sawah Village

Like the Marshlands, the rising waters have caused the Sawah Village, a once bustling coastal area of business, to face detrimental environmental damage and flooding. The population has fled because of these floods, and players can even find a crashed freight ship lodged into the village side.

Cemetery (El Samman Cemetery)

The El Samman Cemetery serves as a fallen ground for the bodies of the dead, but is in a forgotten and derelict state. This POI is quite open and features few buildings alongside its outer walls.

Sariff Bay

warzone 2 sariff bay
This is Warzone 2's Sariff Bay POI.

Home to the country’s valuable fisheries, the Sariff Bay maintains the history of Al Mazrah, as well as Adal. It contains a vibrant downtown section with suburbs, a modern resort, and a few small islands for players to explore.

Al Bagra Fortress

The Al Bagra Fortress is one of the city’s most medieval, ancient POIs, featuring a castle encased by fortress planted by lost and forgotten times. 

Airport (Al Malik Airport)

Finally, the Al Malik Airport is terminal to the south tip of Al Mazrah. There’s also an observation tower near the sea that is extremely approachable.

And that's all the unveiled locations players can drop into while playing Warzone 2. For more information about these locations, visit Activision's blog or wait for the game to release on 16th November 2022.

And that's all Warzone 2 maps and locations. For more game content, check out our section dedicated to Call of Duty news, updates, guides, features, and more!

All featured images are courtesy of Activision.

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