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This Warzone cheater exposed himself in 4K using EngineOwning hacks

Warzone streamer Therealgiooo exposed himself for using EngineOwning hacks after being called out for using magnetic bullets by another streamer in a Twitch livestream.
This Warzone cheater exposed himself in 4K using EngineOwning hacks

A Warzone cheater with the gamer tag "Therealgiooo" recently exposed himself for using EngineOwning hacks during his Twitch livestream after another streamer, Phonizien, called him out for using magnetic bullets in their Warzone match. From Phonizien's point of view, the cheater could be seen killing enemies despite not aiming directly at them.

When confronted about cheating, Therealgiooo proceeded to dismiss the accusation, claiming that he didn't know what EngineOwning was. Unfortunately for him, he thought it would be wise to justify this by unironically googling the term.

So naturally, as karma would have it, Therealgiooo ended up exposing himself after the search revealed that he had, in fact, previously visited the site.

Warzone cheater owns himself on Twitch

You can watch the interaction between the two streamers in the video that Phonizien uploaded to Twitter on 23rd November. It's certainly as funny as it is ridiculous.

The part of the video that truly takes the cake is at the end when Therealgiooo realises he f***ked up and quickly proceeds to alt-tab back into the game. However, what is arguably even more comical are the comments on Reddit.

A Reddit user pointed out that his default search engine appeared to be Bing and that if he directly searched for EngineOwning in the address bar instead of first searching for "," he probably would not have exposed himself. "Going the extra step killed him there," the user added.

Warzone cheater gets caught in 4K trying to justify himself not cheating
Warzone cheater gets caught in 4K trying to justify himself not cheating. (Picture: Twitter / @phonizien)

What's even more hilarious is the fact that "EngineOwning Download popped up in his autocomplete while he was typing in "'". Unfortunately, however, his mental capacity was too far at capacity for him to notice.

"He cheats in video games; let's just assume he's maxing out his mental capacity by using both hands to type," said one Reddit user.

According to a comment on Phonizien's Twitter thread, Therealgiooo later admitted that he purchased EngineOwning but "only used the unlock tool,"  which is also considered cheating, just by the way. If this isn't evidence, then his jump from an average KD of 3.2 to 8.3 with 50% headshots in the last seven days would.

warzone cheater exposes himself on twitch stream
Therealgiooo's COD Tracker stats. (Picture: COD Tracker)

Therealgiooo also allegedly said he was "setting up bots to report"  Phonizien's channel in a Discord post. "Setting up everything as well to fry their routers," Therealgiooo said.

warzone cheater exposed on twitch livestream engineowning
Therealgiooo's Discord chat. (Picture: Twitter / JailOutOf)

At the time of writing, it appears as though Therealgiooo's Twitch channel is still operational; however, I guess that it won't be for much longer. Hopefully, the developers will do their part and rid this scum permanently from Warzone as well.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.