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Warzone cheat provider CrazyAim has been shut down by Activision

Activision has taken action against Call of Duty Warzone cheat provider "CrazyAim" and shut down their website and Discord server after community uproar.
Warzone cheat provider CrazyAim has been shut down by Activision
Call of Duty (COD) Warzone has received a lot of criticism in the past after many players were unhappy about the state of the game. This followed the return of the infamous "God Mode" hack in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, which had players literally shooting bullets through enemy targets, dealing no damage to the cheater whatsoever.

Recently, Activision has taken action against a known cheat provider called "" by having the operation shut down. The site is infamous for providing "undetected hacks and cheats", including aimbot hacks and other scripts for multiple game titles.

CrazyAim Warzone cheat provider shut down by Activision

At the time of writing, the CrazyAim website was offline, which indicates that the site has been shut down. Upon attempting to access the site, we are met with an "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" error. warzone aim bot cheat shut down activision Warzone aim bot cheat provider shut down by Activision (Picture: GINX)

According to Charlie Intel, the CrazyAim Discord server has also been removed and, therefore, confirms speculation that the operation has been shut down.

Earlier this week, Warzone YouTuber, "JGOD", expressed his concern regarding the abundance of cheaters in the game and said that Warzone is "basically unplayable".

 "There's a lot of issues with the game as a whole, but they are not necessarily game-breaking, like cheaters literally coming in and destroying any fun that you can have with the game", JGOD said.

That's not all, Warzone and Twitch icons, TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS, were both frustrated to the point of quitting Warzone and switching to Apex Legends.

nickmercs quits warzone apex legends cheating
NICKMERCS (Picture: FaZe Clan / The Verge)

Notwithstanding Activision Blizzard's more contentious matters right now, it's good to see that they are, at the very least, doing something to curb the ongoing problem of cheating in COD Warzone.

Raven Software previously banned over 500,000 accounts found to be using hacks or cheats but many players believe that Activision needs to overhaul its anti-cheat system.

Only time will tell whether things will get better, otherwise, we could see even more notable influencers and players abandoning the game.

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Header image via Activision / CrazyAim.