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Warzone Bombardment killstreak - Where to find, how to activate, and more

There's a new powerful, yet mysterious killstreak on the streets of Verdansk, here's everything you need to know about it.
Warzone Bombardment killstreak - Where to find, how to activate, and more
With the latest updated to Call of Duty: Warzone starting Season Two Reloaded, plenty of small changes made their way to the battle royale, however, a big yet sneaky addition is now available on Verdansk -- the Bombardment killstreak.

Fans have discovered that after following a certain amount of steps, players can acquire this powerful tool to help them in combat. 

Fear not, as we're here to walk you through everything you need to do to get your hands on the Bombardment killstreak and what exactly does it do.

Warzone Bombardment killstreak - Where to find

warzone bombardment killstreak
(Picture: Activision)

In order to find the Bombardment killstreak, you'll need to find the Containment Monitor Stations. 

We have an entire article dedicated to the locations, but as a quick reminder there's a total of four CMS' across Verdansk:

  • Near Military Base
  • South of Promenade West
  • Airport
  • Bunker 10

Once you reach them, you'll see that you need a special key of some sort to activate it.

Warzone Bombardment killstreak - How to get

How do you go about finding these key you ask? Simple, finish the Zombies event in Verdansk. For those unaware, there's a new feature that came with Season 2 of Warzone, a mini-event that sees a zombie outbreak take place in a particular place on the map.

It started in the abandoned ship near the south border, moving to the Prison and eventually the bank. At the time of writing the zombie outbreak can still be activated at the bank, but keep in mind this event will rotate eventually. 

Once you activate the event, kill the 40 zombies and collect the loot, you'll notice a special keycard that dropped from the golden box you just opened, this is the key you need to acquire the Bombardment killstreak.

Warzone Bombardment killstreak - What does it do

You slayed the zombies, you found the stations, now you're ready to see what the fuss is about, and it's pretty much a Precision Airstrike you can't control.

This might sound like a disappointment to some, but the Bombardment killstreak activates as soon as you use the key in the CMS.

It will drop dozens of bombs in the area where the "outbreak" is currently happening, meaning where the zombies event can be located.

It is a large radius, so if it's a highly contested zone like the bank chances are you might get a few enemies in trouble. 

So there you have it, those are the basics of the Bombardment killstreak. For more on Warzone, check out JGODS Season 2 weapon tier list