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Warzone: Where to find Containment Monitor Stations

Want to get access to new powerful killstreaks in Warzone? You'll have to find these stations scattered across Verdansk.
Warzone: Where to find Containment Monitor Stations
Call of Duty: Warzone received a major update that kicked off Season Two Reloaded bringing some balance changes, quality of life, and new tools to help players secure a win in the battle royale.

Somehow slipping under the radar are the Containment Monitor Stations, which boast newly added killstreaks that are much more powerful than those found in regular buy stations.

In this quick guide, we'll help you locate each and every CMS in Call of Duty: Warzone.

We have an entire article dedicated to the Bombardment killstreak which you can find in the Stations right here

All images courtesy of Activision.

Warzone - All Containment Monitor Station locations

Near Military Base

warzone containment stations

Heading southwest moving from the Military Base, you'll need to look for a small entrance into an abandoned facility, pictured below.

where to find bombardment killstreak

As you enter take the left door and make your way through the corridor. Once again, turn left when you see a room glowing red, walk past it and for the final time turn left, you'll see the station right there.warzone stations

South of Promenade West 

warzone containment stations

Drop into the missile launch site south of Promenade West, enter the door and move right until you reach the second pair of doors, enter the left one and immediately open the door on your left, you'll see the station right there.

warzone containment station

Bunker 10

This one is trickier, as you'll need to have a bunker key card or hope another squad opens it for you. In any case, here's the location of Bunker 10.

where to buy bombardment killstreak

Once you reach the bunker, head to the main room where you usually find all the loot and turn left when you see a room glowing red, enter it, and voila, there's the station.


The final one can be found in the underground facility near the airport. Here's the location of the entrance on the map.

warzone airport station

Again, fairly simple, drop down and walk through the door on the ground level, make your way past a small room and turn left, you'll see the station right there.

You can check out Ulterior Covert's YouTube walkthrough if you're more inclined to, we've embedded the video down below.

Warzone Containment Monitor Stations - What do they sell

They pretty much act like regular buy stations except they have three new killstreaks exclusive to these:

  • Advanced UAV - $12,000
  • Foresight - $20,000
  • Bombardment - Requires Key card

The first two were acquirable via bunker loot but are now purchasable once again. The advanced UAV reveals all the enemies in the entire map, while Foresight gives you intel on where the remaining circles are going to close.

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