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Warzone players call for console-only cross-play amid cheating issues

Warzone players on consoles are calling on Activision to create a console-only cross-play option due to all the cheaters on PC.
Warzone players call for console-only cross-play amid cheating issues
We all know Warzone has a cheating problem, and some "hackers" even openly stream their antics, most of the cheating went on via the PC platform. Verdansk is filled with cheaters, and with no end to the issues in sight, console players are now calling on the developers to add an option for console-only cross-play, so they can enjoy their game without those cheating via the PC platform. 

Warzone console-only cross-play request

In a post on Reddit which has acquired over 2,700 upvotes in 24 hours, entitled "Save the console community and enable console-only cross-play as a temporary fix", Reddit user Sec0nd asked for this temporary fix to be deployed.

The post explains: "The hacking is currently so bad. Every other game is just infested with cheaters, both obvious and people trying to hide it.

"Apparently getting an anti-cheat is hard, so at least enable some sort of console-only cross-play. As just a temporary solution. The game is literally unplayable at the moment. We've seen moments in Warzone where cheating was rampant, but this time it feels like we're just outnumbered."

Warzone cross-play console-only cheaters cheating hackers activision
(Picture: Activision)

Since the post was created on 11th July 2021, a lot of support for the idea has been received. Many players believe this temporary fix will help those on consoles avoid most cheaters.

With that being said, PC gamers also took to the Reddit post, asking for this change not to be implemented, as they want to play with their friends who happen to be on console.

Further, some believe that all PC gamers shouldn't be punished just because some bad apples continue to cheat in Warzone.

Warzone players console-only cross-play feature cheaters cheating hackers
(Picture: Reddit)

While console-only cross-play in Warzone could potentially be a solution for a portion of the player base, the real issue is the cheaters themselves. 

Furthermore, we recently reported about next-gen Warzone cheats that use machine learning and works on consoles. This means that while it is easier to cheat on PC, it definitely isn't impossible to cheat on consoles either; so even console-only cross-play won't completely eliminate cheaters from Verdansk. 

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