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Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk LTM guide: Start time, how Fear works, ghosts, more

As part of The Haunting event, playing Warzone is going to get spooky with the Ghosts of Verdansk event introducing a new fear mechanic. Here is everything you need to know.
Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk LTM guide: Start time, how Fear works, ghosts, more

Just like last year, Call of Duty is about to get spooky with Halloween festivities coming to not only Warzone but also Black Ops Cold War, Zombies, and COD: Mobile.

The Haunted is the all-encompassing event and it is set to introduce some of the most infamous movie monsters of all time with Scream's Ghostface and that creepy Rabbit from Donnie Darko both making their way to the in-game store soon. It is also highly likely that both COD: Mobile and the full-fat game will get Saw's Jigsaw and Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw at some point as leaks have shown their presence in the game's files.

Ghosts of Verdansk LTM how fear works
Ghostface is set to terrorize Verdansk and beyond in The Haunting event. (Picture: Activision)

The Haunted will take over the Zombies game mode, Black Ops Cold War is going spooky with a special Halloween version of Nuketown and the Scream Deathmatch game mode.

But it is Warzone the majority care about, and for the battle royale mode things are going to get truly spooky with the Ghosts of Verdansk limited-time mode (LTM) coming to the game.

The game mode is described as a "spiritual successor" to last year's Zombie Royale and things are getting spiritual as rather than dead players returning as Zombies as they previously did, they will now return as ghosts.

It is also introducing Fear, a brand new mechanic that players must learn to control if they want to keep their nerves -- and bodies -- intact.

If you want to learn more about the Ghosts of Verdansk, then you have come to the right place as this guide will break down everything you need to know.

When does the Ghost of Verdansk LTM start?

The Ghost of Verdansk LTM will start at the same time as The Haunting event. So that means from 19th October to 2nd November you can play the LTM.

The Ghosts of Verdansk LTM start time
The Ghosts of Verdansk will be playable for the next two weeks. (Picture: Activision)

Once The Haunting is over, the Ghost of Verdansk will be spirited away -- well, until next year at least.

How does Ghost of Verdansk work?

This LTM is like no other, this is for those that want to set aside the traditional competitive lobbies and instead test their nerves.

Players will be "guided"  through the mode but this familiar voice may not always be looking to help you.

Call of Duty Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk the haunting LTM
Dead players return as ghosts in this LTM. (Picture: Activision)

When you die for the first time, instead of going to the Gulag, you will become a ghost.

Ghosts have no weapons as such but instead three powers, they are:

  • Super Jump: Similar to the jump from Zombie Royale, ghosts can charge up and “leap” through the air to cover serious ground. Because ghosts have no body, their light weight allows them to float and glide following a jump or a drop from any high distance.
  • Teleport: Another movement option, albeit with a slower cooldown, Ghosts can teleport a short distance to help immediately close gaps between them and living Operators. They can teleport through them, appearing behind their target.
  • Spectral Blast: An area-of-effect stun attack that slows down Operators and disables vehicles.

To kill opponents, you have just your melee attack. If you successfully kill a player while a ghost, they will drop a soul, collect three souls and you can spawn back in.

There is also another way of coming back and that is by completing a Finishing Move, pull it off and you don't even need to collect three souls as you will instantly respawn.

Players can protect themselves from ghosts by heading to Sacred Ground. These areas are marked on the map and glow blue with a beam of light. Beware though, ghosts can destroy these havens and eventually get to those that hide inside.

How does Fear work?

Fear is a brand new mechanic being introduced for this LTM.

Depending on certain actions that may happen in a match, your Fear will go up or down, to win Ghosts of Verdansk you will need to keep your Fear low and keep someone on your team alive as an Operator.

Ghost of Verdansk fear meter
Players will need to manage their Fear if they want to survive the Ghosts of Verdansk. (Picture: Activision)

The Fear meter runs from 0 to 100 and you can see the progress of it on the bottom left of your HUD.

If your Fear goes above 50% you will start to experience hallucinations which you will need to overcome if you want to continue on with your sanity.

If your Fear reaches 100% the developers promise something very scary indeed will happen.

Ways your Fear can increase are:

  • Being shot at, being hit by enemy Equipment, or having their Killstreaks in the area
  • Camping (AKA cowardice)
  • Seeing dead bodies or ghosts
  • Having squadmates downed or eliminated

And ways in which you can decrease it include:

  • Eliminating a player or ghost
  • Reviving a squadmate
  • Completing a Contract
  • Remaining within Sacred Ground… so long as it stays intact


As we learn more about this game mode, we will update this guide with some tips and tricks.

If you want to learn more about The Haunted, check out our event guide.

Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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