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Warzone: Nukes are falling on Verdansk early

Warzone players started spotting flying nukes in their games, but it is not clear if this is a glitch or a teaser for the upcoming nuking event.
Warzone: Nukes are falling on Verdansk early
The theory of a nuke event at the start of Warzone Season 3 seems more real with each new leak, but the latest glitch all but confirms it.

Since yesterday's Warzone patch, players started seeing nuclear bombs flying all over Verdansk and falling on the map, but without the actual explosions happening, rather just raising dust clouds.

warzone nukes
(Picture: Activision/ModernWarzone)

It is not clear if this is a glitch or some kind of a teaser for the upcoming event, as those missiles are clearly missing their warheads, and because of that it almost looks like it's intentional and not a bug.

The nuke was first spotted by ModernWarzone, a popular Call of Duty fansite. They were quite close to the bomb, and you can clearly see from their video just how impressively massive these nukes are.

As you can see, the bomb simply falls and raise a bit of dust, so players are safe... for now.

Another "nuke incident" has been spotted by a Reddit user called u/AmedeeO10 earlier today. Unlike the situation in ModernWarzone's game, this was a literal rain of nukes, with several nuclear warheads launched at once.

According to reports from players, it seems that this only occurs in King Slayer, a Team Deathmatch mode in Warzone. Missiles would randomly start launching and then crashing and disappearing in the ground, without any effect on the game itself. While nukes are flying a dialogue between Russian operators can be heard, but at the time of writing, no one knows what they are talking about.

All these random events align perfectly with a possible nuke event, which will supposedly lead to a brand new 80s themed Warzone map.

Call of Duty Black Ops and Warzone Season 3 is expected to start on 22nd April 2021.