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Which AR has the fastest TTK in Warzone Pacific Season 3?

Find out which assault rifles have the fastest TTK in Warzone Pacific Season 3 with our detailed guide.
Which AR has the fastest TTK in Warzone Pacific Season 3?

With the release of Warzone Pacific Season 3, there are all kinds of tuning updates to the AR class, and that can always mean a change to which weapons have the fastest TTK. Even something as slight as range tuning to one attachment can change the list of high damage weapons overall.

With those changes in mind, True Game Data, a stats website for Warzone and Call of Duty,  has taken the opportunity to test all of the Warzone weapons within the new season. There are a ton of factors that can alter which weapons have the fastest TTK, but there are only a few assault rifles that will consistently appear in the top five, regardless of the attachments used.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 - The AR with the fastest TTK

warzone pacific as 44
The AS44 has some of the highest damage potential. (Picture: Activision)

Before going into which AR has the fastest TTK in Warzone Pacific Season 3, it's important to understand what affects the stat. TTK stands for time-to-kill and is essentially the measurement of the time it takes to kill an enemy from the first shot to the last.

All kinds of metrics can affect the TTK such as the range of the fight, the health of an opponent, or the multipliers on the body part. For this reason, an AR in Caldera may have a different TTK when used in the same Rebirth scenarios. Health and range are both changed to sway the fight.

With all metrics considered, True Game Data has the AS44 marked as the fastest TTK weapon in Warzone Pacific Season 3 Caldera. This is with certain attachments like the Empress Falchion A, Recoil Booster, and the 7.62 40 Round Mags. The numbers are also picked up from 50 meters to the chest.

With full plates in Caldera, which is 300 HP entirely, the AS44 can melt enemies in 617 milliseconds at 50 meters. Below 50 meters, the AS44 remains the AR with the highest TTK in Caldera. Even at a range of 300, the numbers will remain no higher than 617 ms to the chest.

Of course, the shots that players hit can completely alter the TTK, and this is not a metric for the best weapon overall. Potential TTK is different than the reality of the shots a player can hit.

The AR with the fastest TTK in Rebirth

warzone pacific season 3 as val
The AS VAL and the AS44 can stand toe to toe. (Picture: Activision)

Rebirth is a mode with much closer proximity, and a lower health pool overall. This mixture is a perfect storm for the AS VAL, a Modern Warfare assault rifle. Not only is the AS VAL still the AR with the second-fastest TTK in Caldera, but it even wins without any plates in the equation.

On the rebirth island, the AS VAL will dominate at close quarters, especially with headshots. When headshots are added to the scenario, the AS VAL will win nearly every time. With just chest shots in Rebirth, the AS44 and the AS VAL will be even at two plates with a TTK under 400 ms at range, and under 150 ms up close.

Other rifles that consistently appear in the top five for both modes include the M4A1, the STG44, and the Automaton. While these are all great options, it's still important to note that the potential TTK does not equal the average DPS of a weapon.

For more information on weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 3, check out the Call of Duty section of our website.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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