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Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded weapon changes - All buffs and nerfs

The latest Warzone Pacific Season 2 reloaded update brings massive tuning to weapons and attachments; here are all the buffs and nerfs across the board.
Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded weapon changes - All buffs and nerfs

Warzone Pacific fans woke up to a brand-new update titled Season 2 Reloaded, which brings tons of balance changes to weapons and attachments. The patch notes detail everything fans can expect from the season that started on 23rd March, including an almost complete revamp of Rebirth Island, with systems and functions to freshen up the experience. 

As we've said, the most important thing for the vast majority of players is the balance changes made to weapons, with some buffs and nerfs spread across the board. The biggest and most expected change players wanted to see in this update is Ravensoft nerfing the Vargo 52 Assault Rifle, which they did, decreasing both the maximum and minimum damage the weapon can output.

In terms of buffs, the Sten SMG had its magazine sizes upped in general, as the gun felt too demanding for players, as missing a few shots could lead to them losing a fight.

Without further ado, here are all the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded weapon changes.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded - All weapon changes

Weapon Adjustments

armaguerra warzone
Armaguerra's one of the new Warzone weapons. (Picture: Activision)

» Assault Rifles «

Vargo 52 (BOCW)

  • Maximum Damage decreased from 28 to 27
  • Minimum Damage decreased from 24 to 23
  • Neck Damage Multiplier increased from 1.2 to 1.3

The Vargo 52 (BOCW) is a powerful new addition to the AR category and was outperforming where we wanted it to be. We expect that the weapon will still excel within its damage range and will be keeping a close eye on it for the future. 

Volkssturmgewehr (VG)

  • Gun Kick adjusted

The Volkssturmgewehr (VG) tended to drift to the right while firing, which could distract or obstruct sight when it mattered most. This change mutes that Weapon movement considerably.

» Marksman Rifles «

G-43 (VG)

  • Bullet Velocity increased by 13.8%

M1 Garand (VG)

  • Bullet Velocity increased by 14.3%
  • ADS Movement Speed increased from .86 to 1
  • ADS Interrupt Time increased from 300ms to 250ms

ADS Interrupt Time is the point in the Aim Down Sight animation where it can be interrupted by other actions. This change will make its Handling feel lighter and more responsive.

SVT-40 (VG)

  • Bullet Velocity increased by 16%

Vanguard Marksman Rifles were behind when looking at velocity. These adjustments are intended to make them far more reliable at their optimal ranges.

» Melee «

  • Most Melee Weapons now execute a Melee Finisher on a second consecutive strike.

This change is significant as Melee Weapons deal 135 damage, which if left unchanged, would consistently require 3 hits to kill with the increase to base health.

» Shotgun «

  • Vanguard Shotgun Damage increased by 10%.
  • Einhorn Revolving (VG)
  • Magazine Capacity increased from 5 to 6

» Sniper Rifle «

sniper tier list
Sniper's are getting stronger on console. (Picture: Activision)

3-Line Rifle (VG)

  • [Controller Only] Aim Assist enabled when not in ADS

Type 99 (VG)

  • [Controller Only] Aim Assist enabled when not in ADS

» Submachine Guns «

Sten (VG)

  • 7.62 Gorenko Capacity increased from 32 to 36
  • .45 ACP Round Fast Mags Capacity increased from 28 to 32
  • 9mm Mags Capacity increased from 20 to 28

On paper, the Sten (VG) has an incredibly compelling stat-line. In reality, it suffered far too much from its limited magazine capacities–which prevented it from piercing the upper echelon of Submachine Guns. A moderate mag size increase will make the Sten (VG) a more competitive option for those who prefer highly-mobile playstyles.

Welgun (VG)

  • Fire Rate decreased by 2.2%
  • Recoil increased slightly


» Ammunition «

warzone pacific
Some of the changes could be meta defining. (Picture. Activision)

Hollow Point

  • Damage Range now decreased by 20%

Hollow Point has been heavily leaned on by Submachine Guns and with good reason. Its previous damage range penalty would rarely affect the most common engagement distances. This adjustment to the ammunition results in a powerful tool, you'll just have to get a little closer. 

Our ongoing goal with ammunition is to provide options and move away from a singular choice that's "good for any occasion".

» Barrel «

3-Line Rifle (VG)

  • 500mm MN Custom
  • Flinch Resistance now properly reduces camera pitch when hit

Kar98k (VG)

  • VDD 660mm 05HE
  • Flinch Resistance now properly reduces camera pitch when hit

Type 100 (VG)

  • Warubachi 134mm Rapid
  • Visual Recoil decreased 

Type 99 (VG)

  • Shiraishi 712mm Sniper
  • Flinch Resistance now properly reduces camera pitch when hit

Welgun (VG)

  • 320mm SA Shrouded
  • Recoil Control decreased from 36% to 15%

» Magazine «

Einhorn Revolving (VG)

  • 16 Gauge 12 Round Cylinder
  • Magazine Capacity increased from 7 to 12
  • Reload Speed increased slightly
  • Birdshot 6 Round Cylinder
  • Reload Speed increased slightly

Welgun (VG)

  • .45 48 Round Mags
  • Visual Recoil decreased
  • 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags
  • Fire Rate increased from 11% to 12%
  • Maximum Damage decreased from 30 to 29
  • Mid Damage decreased from 26 to 25
  • Min Damage decreased from 21 to 20
  • Recoil Control decreased from 22% to 16%

The Gorenko 40 Round Mags was simply providing far too much value and was overdue for an adjustment. This still leaves the Welgun in a very strong position despite the change to this particular Magazine. 

» Perk «

DP27 (VG)

  • Hardscope
  • Recoil Control decreased

» Rear Grip «

Sniper Rifles

Airborne Elastic Wrap (BOCW)

  • Flinch Resistance now properly reduces camera pitch when hit

Dropshot Wrap (BOCW)

  • Flinch Resistance now properly reduces camera pitch when hit

Field Tape (BOCW)

  • Flinch Resistance now properly reduces camera pitch when hit

SASR Jungle Grip (BOCW)

  • Flinch Resistance now properly reduces camera pitch when hit

Polymer Grip (VG)

  • Flinch Resistance now properly reduces camera pitch when hit

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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