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Call of Duty
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Warzone Pacific update fixes invisible Awoken skin

Raven Software has fixed the "pay-to-win" Awoken Francis Operator skin invisibility glitch and are "aware of the concerns" regarding the broken Akimbo Double Barrel shotgun meta in Warzone Pacific.
Call of Duty players can breathe a sigh of relief because a recent patch update has addressed several annoying bugs and gameplay issues present in the game. This includes the dreaded "pay-to-win" Awoken invisibility glitch that went unchecked since the start of Warzone Pacific Season 1.

Beyond this, the developers Raven Software have also finally acknowledged concerns regarding the broken Akimbo Double Barrel shotguns currently dominating matches on Rebirth Island and Caldera. So, hopefully, we can expect a much-needed nerf in the weeks to come.

Raven Software fixes invisible Awoken skin

Raven Software released a surprise update on 5th January addressing the "Awoke" Francis Operator skin, which caused players to become invisible at a distance of more than 35 meters.

The skin is available at Tier 100 of the Battle pass, leading many players to believe it was "pay to win."

In addition, Raven Software also addressed a few other bugs, namely a collision issue with elements in Caldera that allowed players to exploit, peak or shoot through them.

Warzone Pacific's broken Awoken skin invisibility glitch has been fixed
Warzone Pacific's broken Awoken skin invisibility glitch has been fixed! (Picture: Activision)

Furthermore, an issue causing every Loadout Drop to spawn at the same XY coordinates was also fixed, among a slew of other bug fixes.

Warzone Pacific devs to nerf Akimbo Double Barrel shotguns

Furthermore, the developers also acknowledged player complaints regarding Vanguard's Akimbo Double Barrel shotguns, causing havoc in Warzone Pacific lobbies over the past few weeks.

Raven Software tweeted that they were "aware of the concerns" and that "an adjustment is coming in the near future." So naturally, Call of Duty players are rejoicing; however, some players have asked that Raven add the Einhorn Revolving Shotgun to the list as well.

Warzone Pacific players were begging Raven Software to nerf the Akimbo Double Barrel shotguns
Warzone Pacific players begged Raven Software to nerf the Akimbo Double Barrel shotguns. (Picture: Activision)

Beyond this, the developers are excited to have returned to work and will be releasing many updates over the coming weeks and appreciate player feedback. "Keep the feedback coming," Raven Software said.

The entire 5th January patch notes are available here.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.