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Warzone players beg for removal of the Juggernaut from Rebirth Island

The controversial Juggernaut suit's reintroduction on Rebirth Island angered the Warzone community, calling on Raven Software to remove it.
Warzone players beg for removal of the Juggernaut from Rebirth Island

Raven Software launched the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded update, injecting much excitement towards the Rebirth Island map. The update sees new improvements, POIs, and map balance changes; however, one noted inclusion has frustrated many players.

The controversial Juggernaut suit was reinstated in Warzone, and it's certainly overpowered, granting players more firepower and protection during intense firefights. Many players are noticably displeased with the suit's reintroduction to the game, prompting calls for the developer to remove it from Warzone.

Frustrated players want Juggernaut suit gone from Rebirth Island

Angry Warzone players have expressed their concerns and frustration over the controversial Juggernaut suit, which has ruined many gameplay experiences. The suit is infuriating due to how overpowered it is, as the Juggernaut can endure high amounts of damage and comes equipped with a minigun as a weapon.

One Reddit user posted on the Warzone subreddit, calling for the developer to promptly remove the suit from the game's Rebirth Island map. The original post described their experiences, saying it "ruins the game because it is nearly impossible to kill in close quarters. First, there is the Juggernaut, then its teammates. Can't bait it out in the open for an airstrike until the circle pulls and you get lucky it ends at tents."

Many Warzone players have agreed to have the Juggernaut suit removed from Rebirth Island, suggesting that the game developers need to address the issue immediately. Additionally, some players have called into question the developer's motives for adding the Juggernaut suit to Rebirth.

call of duty warzone stronghold rebirth island juggernaut suit removal player complaints
In close quarters action, the Juggernaut suit is massively overpowered which frustrates many players. (Picture: Raven Software)

Another player wrote, "Literally no one asked for a Juggernaut, and they add it anyways despite literally every iteration of a Juggernaut being a complete failure". Another player added that while the idea for the Juggernaut is "cool", almost no player like it as "it's just so annoying to play against."

One brave Warzone player shared their experiences with the Juggernaut, siding with the numerous complaints about the problematic suit. The player commented, "I got a 17 kill game with the Juggernaut. You're literally invincible if you get kills."

call of duty warzone rebirth island juggernaut suit removal player complaints reddit
Warzone players have promptly called on Raven Software to remove the controversial Juggernaut suit from Rebirth Island. (Picture: Infinity Ward)

The Juggernaut suit's presence on Rebirth is hampering the balance of matches, especially given Rebirth's scale. To make the situation worse, this isn't the first time that the Warzone community complained about the Juggernaut suit, as its drop on the Verdansk map was harshly criticised by players.

One has offered a possible solution to make Warzone players happy by making it an "ultra-rare" drop in a limited-time event. "I think it's fine to have" broken" crazy events as long as when they happen; it's a big surprise since it basically never happens."

There have been no confirmed reports of Raven Software actively investigating the matter over the possibility of removing the Juggernaut suit from Rebirth Island. Its complicated mechanics will continue to bane for many players when landing on the map.


Featured image courtesy of Raven Software.

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