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Warzone players slam "low effort" Halloween event GFX

"It looks like Runescape!"
Warzone players slam "low effort" Halloween event GFX
Trick or Treat? In the case of the Call of Duty: Warzone The Haunting event, it seems the decision has been made for you because it feels like a trick, and many players would agree.

After jumping into the Ghosts of Verdansk limited-time game mode (LTM), players discovered that the graphics looked more like the CGI from early nineties movies, whose plot involved a kid fighting off hackers after being sucked into the World Wide Web.

However, the villain in this scenario is the ghost that kills you when your Fear meter gets to 100. The Fear meter is a new mechanic in the LTM, which goes up or down based on certain factors. When it reaches 100, a red-glowing ghost, with what appears to be a long red neck (but is supposed to be a trail of fire), flies up to the player and kills them.

Warzone players slam "low effort" Halloween event graphics

Several Warzone players expressed their distaste on Reddit. "The worst part is how low quality the animation is. Why is there some sh*tty bowling-alley style graphic going on?" one player highlighted.

Warzone Ghost of Verdansk
How many polygons are we looking at? (Picture: Activision)

"It looks like something you would see in Spy Kids 3D," suggested another Reddit user.

Call of Duty The Haunting event graphics
Spy Kid 3-D's janky effects seem like inspiration for Warzone's latest event. (Picture: Miramax)

It was the comparisons to RuneScape that clicked for most people. One Warzone player hit the nail on the head, comparing the graphics to an Old School RuneScape face in an "RS3 helmet".

Warzone Runescape Ghosts of Verdansk graphics
Players likened the graphics and animations seen in the Ghost of Verdansk LTM as looking like they came from RuneScape. (Picture: Jagex)

The lazy graphics aren't the only thing people are taking issue with regarding the new LTM. Many players found the Fear mechanic itself broken and were unable to get it under 50%.

Other players expressed their frustration with the "Blue Screen of Deat" mechanic, which many have found more annoying than amusing.

"My meter never goes lower than 45%ish. It says it punishes "camping", but that's a damn lie. You can roam all game and have a full meter," a player said.

The only thing scary about all of this is that someone on the development team signed it off. Let's hope it is simply because most of the developers are working on Warzone's integration into Vanguard.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.