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Call of Duty
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Warzone player slam new Numbers event for "embarrassingly low effort"

Warzone players have criticized Raven Software for their "embarrassingly low effort" approach to the limited-time "The Numbers" event that has players "cringing."
Call of Duty: Warzone's enigmatic "The Numbers" event has just gone live in Warzone Season 5 Reloaded and appears to be reminiscent of the time Mason (the lead character in Call of Duty: Black Ops) was brainwashed by Viktor Reznov. Although Viktor dies during his escape from the gulag, it appears that his mind-control tactic on Mason will ensure that he has his vengeance.

While this storyline was initially met with excitement, players have subsequently criticized Raven Software for their "embarrassingly low effort" approach to the limited-time event.

Players criticize "lazy" Warzone Numbers event

Redditor, TheDudeofDudes, vented his frustration on 21st September and was quickly upvoted by other players that felt the same. "The other “events” were trash, but this is seriously so low effort from the devs that it actually angers me," TheDudeofDudes said.

warzone numbers event players complaint low effort
Warzone players slam Numbers event, calling it "lazy" and "low effort." (Picture: Activision)

The Redditor was clear that they expected more to happen, other than just to "heat some numbers and that's it."Excuse my french but it’s f***ing embarrassing how lazy this is. I am cringing," they concluded.


This sentiment was reciprocated by several other Redditors that commented on the thread. One user said: "Love just randomly getting audio that interferes with my ability to hear people," before adding: "I get that they're putting everything into the next Warzone integration, so these events will be low effort, but it's better to have nothing than this."

Another user commented: "These numbers literally just cost me a win because they went off taking over ALL of my audio in the final circle for at least 30 seconds. What a stupid event."

How does Warzone The Numbers event work?

There are a total of nine broadcast stations, which are essentially large trucks with broadcast antenna's sticking out of them, stationed at various sites across Verdansk.

Warzone broadcast station transmits string of numbers
Warzone broadcast station transmits string of numbers. (Picture: Activision)

By activating these stations, players are able to listen to the transmission of numeric codes being broadcast over them. Players will also hallucinate the string of numbers on their screens.

It has not yet been established what these codes mean; or whether they have any kind of significance in the game, other than earning players in-game cash and a few rewards (charms, calling cards and a watch). Upon activating all nine broadcast stations, players will also unlock the new Sai melee weapon.

Activating all nine broadcast stations unlocks the new Sai melee weapon
Activating all nine broadcast stations unlocks the new Sai melee weapon. (Picture: Activision)

While the overall reception of the event was apparently distasteful, we are optimistic that the Numbers event will serve a greater purpose later on in the season.

The Numbers event will conclude on 5th October in Black Ops Cold War and on 6th October in Warzone.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.