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Warzone Pro Aydan Accused Of Sending Nude Photos To Minors

New York Subliners' Warzone pro Aydan was accused by Team V8's Vapulear of sending unsolicited nudes to minors.
Warzone Pro Aydan Accused Of Sending Nude Photos To Minors

New York Subliners' Call of Duty: Warzone professional player Aydan and Team V8's Vapulear have engaged in heated back-and-forth on Twitter which garnered the attention of the Warzone community. This exchange followed allegations against Aydan by Vapulear, alleging he was involved in sexual misconduct with underaged Fortnite players.

According to Vapulear, Aydan sent unsolicited naked images to these minors; however, Ayden countered Vapulear's allegations with his own, stating that Vapulear had allegedly scammed him and had refused to pay him back. This resulted in Vapulear threatening Aydan with posting the photos online as revenge for the accusations against him.

Warzone Pros Hit Back After Claims Of Nude Photos & Scams Unravel

Aydan hit out at fellow Warzone player and content creator, Vapulear following accusations that he reportedly forwarded explicit photos of himself to underage Fortnite players. According to Aydan, Vapulear's accusations came after he accused Vapulear had scammed him out of $3,000.

According to a tweet on 3rd September 2022, Aydan accused Vapulear of scamming after discovering that the Call of Duty World Series of Warzone (WSOW) had named him a captain. He added that Vapulear shouldn't have received an invite to the biggest Warzone event as Vapulear had never repaid him.

In a follow-up tweet on 4th September 2022, Aydan added, "Also claims he didn't pay me because "I ruined his career. Apparently, he has a picture of my penis he is going to post as payback too, so I'm waiting for this one."

call of duty warzone news aydan vapulear accusations scamming unsolicited nude images
NY Subliners' Warzone pro Aydan levied accusations against Vapulear for scamming him $3,000 from a wager. (Picture: Twitter via Aydan)

Aydan has vehemently denied ever sending explicit photos to "underage Fortnite kids"; however, Vapulear's claim of posting the photo online has generated controversy. In a series of now-deleted tweets, Vapulear stated that Aydan's comments had given him "free clout."

When a Twitter user questioned if he would post the image online, Vapulear backtracked. He responded, "I don't want to get sued, bro. I'm good. I'll send it in the DMs, though."

call of duty warzone news aydan vapulear accusations scamming unsolicited nude images
Vapulear reportedly blackmailed Aydan by uploading nude photos as he reportedly ruined his career. (Picture: Twitter via Jake Lucky)

While this back-and-forth disagreement between the Warzone players arose after Aydan accused Vapulear of scamming him of money from a wager, Aydan claimed he had never paid back in full. Followingly, Vapulear's response was to blackmail the Warzone pro with claims of explicit images to minors for ruining his career.

One Twitter user uploaded a deleted tweet of Vapulear, who shared the DMs between himself and Aydan, informing him that he'll pay back the money from the wager. Vapulear responded that he had fallen on a "bad time" and had only gotten back on his feet.

Many users commented on this debacle, stating that Vapulear shouldn't have made the wager with Aydan if he had known he couldn't repay him. Likewise, they had questioned Vapulear's credibility after claims of him being a "fraudulent cheater" having scammed people in the past.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter via Aydan.

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