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Warzone Red Doors: Locations, how to use, more

Season 4 of Warzone has seen the introduction of Red Doors that help you fast travel across the map whilst also providing a great opportunity to loot. If you want the lowdown on these mysterious portals, check out our guide.
Warzone Red Doors: Locations, how to use, more

The release of Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone has brought with it the usual slew of new content; from new weapons to battle pass, and for even a new type of vehicle, the Dirt Bike.

The Dirt Bike allows you to race across the map quicker than any other vehicle seen in the game before, but it isn't the only new way to travel across Verdansk in Season 4 with the game also introducing mysterious fast-travel Red Doors that quite literally teleport you to another -- loot laden -- part of the map.

Warzone Red Door locationsThe game now has a fast two-wheeled transport option. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

The Red Doors; where they are situated and how they work has already got some players scratching their heads as the locations they spawn can seem -- at first -- random, and that is largely the case though there are certain places where they are much more likely to spawn. Early signs are they are great for solo players, as using one makes it unusable for the rest of the game, and when you teleport to the other location you will find enough high-tier loot to set you up for end-game. 

Red Door locations in Warzone

Okay, so where are the Red Doors? To get this out the way, there are no set locations, though initial playthroughs suggest that Red Doors are more likely to spawn on the edges of the map.

Red Doors have been found in barns, towers and houses. The Red Doors don't take the place of other doors in the game but spawn at entirely new locations.

Knowing a Red Door is nearby is easier, as it emits a noise not dissimilar to a chest but uniquely different - it sounds like an electronic screech.

Red Door warzone how they workOnce you open the Red Door you will be greeted with a strong blue light. (Picture: YouTube/Speros)

Red Doors don't always spawn but there are locations that you will want to land at to find them. 

This is an incomplete list of reported Red Door spawn locations.

  • At the side of the billboard that sits above the stadium
  • In the large barn in B3.
  • In one of the large outbuildings at the back of Saltmine.
  • At the Factory POI, find the plane that is being repaired, under the plane a Red Door spawns.
  • Nakatomi Tower has also reportedly got two Red Door locations.

We will update this list with more as we learn them.

Using the Red Door

Once you jump through the door, you will witness a scene as you teleport across the map. Once on the other side, you will be greeted with a bounty of chests and floor loots which should get you Gold level weapons, plenty of money, and utilities.

Once you use the door it will be closed, meaning no one can come in behind you.

As more players learn the locations of Red Doors they will become increasingly contested at spawn, as they offer prime loot early on in the game. Be prepared to fight when you hit the ground.


This is all that we know about the Red Doors in Warzone at the launch of Season 4. We will update this page with more information as we have it.

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