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Warzone Dirt Bike: Can you use Cold War skins?

Warzone Season 4 adds a brand new vehicle to the battle royale, the Dirt Bike. Given that the vehicle was already in Black Ops Cold War, players want to know if they can use the Dirt Bike skins from Cold War in Warzone.
Warzone Dirt Bike: Can you use Cold War skins?
Activision has revealed all the new content slated for release in Warzone Season 4.

Scheduled for release on 17th June, Season 4 will arrive packed with new content for both Cold War and Warzone.

When it comes to Warzone, Season 4 will introduce three new operators, five new weapons, several new POIs, and two new game modes.

But that's not all, as summer is the perfect time to feel the warm breeze on your face while riding a bike through the Verdansk.

That's right, the Dirt Bike has been added to the game as a new vehicle available for taking on several locations around the city.

Once picked up, the Dirt Bike can transport two players, one driving and the other who can shoot around from the bike.

The vehicle looks like a great addition to Warzone, which will add a new layer of strategy, mobility, and decision-making to the game.

Black Ops Cold War players are already familiar with the Bike, given that the vehicle is present in the game since the launch in November last year, and many of them already have a collection of skins for the Dirt Bike in Cold War. But will they be able to use them in Warzone?

Can you use Cold War skins for the Dirt Bike in Warzone?

dirt bike warzone cold war skins(Picture: Activision Blizzard)

As Activision explains, the Dirt Bike is currently by far the fastest vehicle in Warzone, allowing players to traverse huge distances in a short amount of time.

It will also boast some unique properties no other vehicle in the game possesses, though which are typical for bikes, including wheel traction, sliding, drifting, and leaning.

A skilled player will be able to use those features to their advantage and perform insane skills and bullet-dodging, while players who fail to master those skills will find themselves having trouble controlling the Bike.

It is without a doubt an exciting addition to the selection of vehicles, but one question many are asking is - will you be able to style your Dirt Bike with skins you have unlocked in Cold War?

And the answer is yes, you will be able to use your Cold War skins for the Dirt Bike and apply them in Warzone.

Activision has confirmed that all Dirt Bike skins you may have unlocked in Black Ops Cold War, be it via previous Battle Passes or Store Bundles, will be available in Warzone as well. 

You will be able to customize your Dirt Bike the moment you sit on it with all the skins you own in Cold War.

Once you customize your ride, the only thing left is to show other players who's the best stuntman in Verdansk.


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