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All Research Lab locations in Warzone Pacific

One of the newest POIs in Warzone Pacific will be a hot zone, both for combat and for loot as the Research Labs could contain some valuable tools for Caldera.
All Research Lab locations in Warzone Pacific
Season 2 has arrived to Call of Duty Warzone Pacific and with it a boatload of content that includes new weapons, new blueprints, new operators and even changes to the tropical island of Caldera.

On top of that, we will even get some bug fixes that we have been asking desperately for as long as Season 1 was live but it seems Activision caught and resolved most of them, at least the most urging ones.

One of the most expected changes in the game is the addition of the Research Labs, which we can find in seven different sites around the map and we will tell you exactly where to find each of them.

Location of all 7 Research Labs in Warzone Pacific

COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 Main Screen
Have you noticed that the main screen shows the exact location of all 7 Research Labs with red circles? (Picture: Activision)

If you are a sucker for video game easter eggs you will be glad to know that the start screen changed for Season 2 as it contains the same map of last season but it marks with big red circles the exact location of all seven Research Labs around Caldera.

You can find the exact location of all the hatches that lead to the underground Research Labs as follows:


In the southern part close to the industrial docks section you will find a hatch right next to a truck.

Power Plant

This is the trickiest to find as you will have to find the waterfall in the middle of the Power Plant and walk through the left side of it to find the next hatch.

COD Warzone Pacific Season 2 Research Lab Yellow Tower
The hatch close to the yellow clock tower near the Resort is one of the easier spots to find. (Picture: Activision)


Search for the two blue-stripped water tanks in the back of the Fields region and you will find the next hatch behind them.


On the west end of the Mines region, a site actually called Phosphate Mines, you will find the next hatch on the high ground next to some palm trees and a tractor.


Do a deep search in your memory or go to YouTube to find the cinematic trailer of Warzone Pacific Season 1 as you will find this hatch right next to a hut on that crash site.


The next hatch is another of the easy spots as you can find it around the yellow clock tower in the Resort area of Caldera.


The last hatch is another tricky one as you will be able to find it on the ground floor of a military building near the Runway.

Each of those hatches will lead you to a different Research Lab that you can explore, but be careful as that is the only way in and out which can lead to some difficult encounters even though the rewards inside the lab may be worth the risk.


Feature image courtesy of Activision.